Akme Ltd

Company Description

Akme Ltd works metallurgical slag dumps in Russia. We can offer for sale slag scrap, mill scale (Fe 75%) with fractions 10 - 100mm. In case of your interest we are ready to supply you with the additional photos, detailed chemistry and samples.scrap, iron, metal, mill scale, used rails, scrap rail, hms 2, used rail track, hms 1, used rail scraps, used rails suppliers, used scraps, metal scrap, buy used rails scrap, russia used rails, metal waste, scrap metal used rails, used steel rail, iron used rails, used rails r50, used rails r65
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Company Information

  • Contact Person:Snezhana Miv
  • Department:Manager
  • Telephone:
  • Zip:454000
  • Business Type:Manufacturing
  • Year Established:2003
  • Number Of Employees:51-100
  • Trade Capacity:Export Percentage:
  • Main Products:Metal Scrap,Iron Scrap,Mill Scale
  • Address:Potrebitelskaya, Chelyabinsk, Other, Russia
  • Main Markets:Asia,Europe

Company Product

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