CCI Grou

Company Description

CCI Group has developed the assembly line equipment for door-window, curtain walls and Insulating glasses process. The operation of high precision, advancement and specialty make the enterprise CCI Groull-known. She has become the leader and are working hard at setting a respectable brand in this field.

Company Information


  • Glass Beveling Machine
  • Vertical Automatic Flat Press Insulating Glass Produce Line
  • Vertical Insulating Glass Flat-Pressing Production Line
  • Rectilinear Glass Cutting Machine
  • Two-Component Coating Machine
  • Butyl Coating Machine
  • Glass Edging Finish Machine
  • Insulating Glass
  • Tempered Glass
  • Mosaic Glass
  • Low-E Film Deletion Machine
  • Cupula (Super Three-cup Suction)
  • Auto-oiling circle cutter
  • Inflator Machine for Insulating Glass
  • Glass Washing Machine
  • Low-E Glass Film Removing Machine
  • Grinding Wheel for Removing Low-E Film
  • Hot melt Extruder Machine
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