China Wucheng Candle Machinery And Equipments Co., Ltd.

Company Description

China Wucheng Candle Machinery And Equipments Co., Ltd. professional manufacturer of Candle Making Machinery and Candle Supplies in China. Now we provide a complete series of candle machinery for making almost all styles of candles, and own a staff of nearly 30 persons, including 21 skilled workers, 5 senior technicians and 3 overseas salesmen. Our production capacity is over 800 machines per year.

We manufacture and provide the following products and services.

1.Candle Making Machines for making almost all styles of candles, like normal household candle, tea-light candle, pillar candle, spiral candle, tapper candle, votive candle, floating candle and so on.

2.Auxiliary Machinery and Equipments for making candles, like Wax Melter ( Wax Melting Machine), Wick Coating Machine, Wick Cutting Machine, Wick inserting Machine, Wax Powder Machine ( Wax Powder Spraying Machine) etc.

3.We provide the most practical candle making technics to our clients.

4.We provide advice on the planning and overall solution for setting up a candle factory.

Our Advantage

1.We are Professional, not only in Candle Machines, but also in Candles. We have the most experienced and professional technicians in this field in China.

2.We have a Complete Series of candle machinery, including machines for making the normal candles, pillar candles, tea-light candles, votive candles... as well as auxiliary machinery.

3.We are Professional in overseas markets too. Our machines and equipments have been exported to more than 30 countries, including the US, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, France, Belgium, Austria, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda... Please view the pictures of our clients coming to visit our company from here: www

Company Information

  • Contact Person:Mr. Tony Liu
  • Telephone:
  • Fax:
  • Zip:264200
  • Business Type:Manufacturer,Exporter,Importer,Agent,Distributor,W
  • Number Of Employees:20 to 29
  • Main Products:Candle Machine,Candle Making Machine,Candle Press, Candle Extruder, Wax Melter, Candle Supply,Candle Material, Candle Filling Machine,
  • Address:Rm 202, No. 51, Qingzhou Street,
  • Main Markets:World Wide
  • Location:Weihai, Shandong,China
  • Website:Visit website


  • Candle Machines and Candle Production Line
  • Candle Making Machine Type A ( Manual Candle Machine)
  • Candle Making Machine Type B ( Manual Candle Machine)
  • Candle Making Machine Type C ( Manual Candle Machine)
  • Tea-light Candle Pressing Machine ( Candle Presser, Candle Making Machine)
  • Multi-functional Candle Pressing Machine ( Automated Candle Making Machine)
  • Wax Melter ( Wax Melting Machine, Wax Tank )
  • Candle Wick Coating Machine ( Wick Dipping Machine, Wick Waxing Machine)
  • Candle Wick Cutting Machine ( Candle Machinery)
  • Automatic Tea-light Candle Production Line
  • Multi-functional Candle Machine ( Candle Pressing Machine, Candle Making Machine)
  • Automatic Candle Machine for Pillar Candles and Ball Candles
  • Hydraulic Candle Extruding Machine ( Automatic Candle Machine)
  • Automatic Candle Filling Machine ( Candle Production Line)
  • Candle Wick ( Candlewick, Wick, Candle Material)
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