Cixi Tongfu Industry Co.,LTD.

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is an export enterprise with a focus on the production of natural woven arts and crafts products. Cixi Tongfu Industry Co.,LTD. make our products from materials such as bamboo, rattan, awn, grass, hemp, couch grass, wood and willow. We believe they can make ideal gifts, especially for festivals and other special celebrations. All our products are made from natural materials, which we use while respecting the environment. They are woven using both traditional and modern techniques. They are characteristic of a natural simplicity and elegance being made from organic materials. Customers overseas have shown great interest in them. Our company was established in 1998 and is located in Longmen in the southwestern Chinese province of Guangxi. Our production base has an area of 1.33 hectares and on it we have a factory with a floor space of more than 5,000 square meters. Since we acquired the authority to import and export our products independently, our products have been exported overseas, in particular to the USA and several European countries. We are a company deeply committed to further industrializing, modernizing, and technologically developing our production techniques in such a manner that protects and respects the environment. We firmly abide by our principles that 'quality is the no.1 goal,' and 'reputation is the key to further development.' Our company takes itself very seriously and wishes to engage in international trade in a spirit that pursues outcomes that have benefits for both sides. We warmly welcome prospective customers to inquire, discuss business and/or place orders. We can guarantee that you will be met with a courteous response.

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  • Led flower, Christmas decoration
  • Basket,gift basket,food gift basket,picnic basket,basket china,willow
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