Nimarta Consulting Company
Roll forming machine,sandwitch panel manufacturing line,slitting and CTL line,solar panel manufacturing line,arc furnace and continuous casting line.
Address:117-118, 2nd floor, Sector 17-B
Deyang Bochuang Eelectrotechnical Equipment Co....
continuous casting and rolling line, electric wire equipment.
Address:Tingjiang, Deyang, Sichuan, China
eaf, lf, vd, ccm, mhs, ftp, wtp, all kind of meltshop and rolling mill equipments, electric arc furnace, ladle furnace, ladle, scrap bucket, scrap, steel, continuous casting machine, fume treatment plant, material handling system, vacuum degassing.
Rebars,Reinforcing in coils,Steel fibre,Pipes,Pipe blank,Wire rod,Wire,Continuous casting blank,Bloom,Mtal cord.
Address:21-3 Vutauto street
Wuxi Haijun Hydraulic Machine And Equipment Co;Ltd
continuous casting machine.
Address:Dongbeitang, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
Yueyang Zhongding Thermotechnical & Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd.
Aluminum Melting Furnace,Copper Furnace,Natural Gas Burner,Permanent Magnetic Stirrer,holding furnace,Aluminum slag processing machine,Industrial Furnace Series,Aluminum Furnace,Holding Furnace,Heating Furnace,Burner,Burning System,Stirrer Series,Spare Parts,Dust Trap,Casting ….
Address:Yongji Road,Lingang equipment manufacturing industry Park
Liaoning Mineral& Metallurgy Group Co., Ltd
copper moulds equipments , spare parts for continuous casting machine ,copper mould tubes , mould cooling jacket and crystallizing assembles.
Address:1312-1310 ROOM, NO.35 RENMIN ROAD, ZHONGSHAN DISTRICT, DALIAN-116001, CHINA, Dalian, Liaoning, China
Dalian Dashan Metallurgical Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd
Copper Mould Tube, Continuous Casting Machine.
Address:Room 503-2,No.32B LiXian Street,Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone, Dalian, China.
Chengdu Shuhong Machinery Co.,Ltd.
continuous casting and rolling production line, wire drawing machine, standing machine and lead sheath extruder.
Address:No.8 Hongye Road, Yuhong,Qingbaijiang, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Deyang Dongjiagang Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Aluminum alloy rod continuous casting,Aluminum casting,Copper wire drawing machine,Aluminum machine,Continuous Casting & Rolling Line,Rod Breakdown Machine/Wire Drawing Machine,Rigid Frame Strander,Tubular Strander,Lead Sheathing Extruder,Other Wire and Cable Equipment,,, ….
Address:Junction between Bohai Road and Helanshan Road Jingyang Industrial Development Area, Deyang Sichuan 618000, China
Shenyang Renhe Machinery Manufacturer Co., Ltd
machanical/ continuous casting machine, rotating unions, sealing ring, templets and so on..
Address:Yushutun street,Shenhe Dist., Shenyang, Liaoning, China
haul Driving, Electric Shovel, Rolling Mill, Rotary Kiln, Converter
CCM, Continuous Casting Machine, Underground Loader.
Address:Dongfei Road, Zhuhui District
Qingdao Woke Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
cable machines,35kv ccv line, 45~200 sheathing line, upward continuous casting & rolling line, 35kv normal speed ccv line, 35kv high speed ccv line, drawing machines, strander, pay-off stands, take-up stands, injection extruder.
Address:Hetao, Qingdao, Shandong, China
Suzhou Southes M And E Equipments Works
copper and brass strip continuous casting machine, rod milling hot cold rolling extrusion conform combined drawing drawn bench,Continuous Casting Machine,Conform Machine,Melting Furnace,Heating Furnace, ….
Address:xingfu, yantai, Other, China
Anshan Fenghui Continuous Casting Manchine Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
continuous casting machine, CCM, continuous caster.
Address:Qidasan Villiage Qianshan District Anshan City Liaoning China Anshan Liaoning China
Shijiazhuang Tieqi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Katusha Walking Beam Cooling Bed,Rolling Mill,Pinch Roll,Start-Stop Flying Shear,Walking Bed,Steel rebar production line,Steel wire rod line,Hot rolling mill,Rolling Mill,CCM-Continuous Casting Machines,CCM-Continuous casting machine line,Coolling bed,Steel line with cooling bed,Section ….
Address:No.195 Huang he Road, Hi-tech zone
graphite mould, graphite electrode, scale graphite, micronized graphite, expandable graphite, continuous casting graphite mould and so on.
Chengdu Shuhong Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Copper/Aluminium Rod Continuous Casting And Rolling Line.
Address:3-1203 Zhengcheng Wealth Terriotory, No.19 Beidajie
Allied Metallurgical Products Private Limited
Metallurgical Chemicals,Refractories,High temperature fluxes and chemicals,Ladle Nozzle Filling Material,Tundish Ladle Covering Compound,EBT material,Fluxes for aluminium,Refractory coatings foundries,Slag coagulating Compound,Casting powder continuous casting of steel,Low smoke ….
Address:201 / 3 12th main 3rd phase, peenya industrial area
SBGX (Beijing) Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Continuous Casting Machine, Bundling Machine, Cold Shear, Steel Pusher, EAF, LF, Rolling Machine, Rolls.
Address:ZhujiangDijing 1-2701, Chaoyang District
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