Dongyang Jiayu Commodity Co., Ltd.

Company Description

DONGYANG JIAYU COMMODITY CO., LTD. is a company located in Yiwu city, Zhejiang Province which is named as the International Trade City(Mart) . The city has more than 70,000 vendors colcated for wholesale busienss of commodity and is near by Shanghai & Ningbo port. It takes only 1.5hrs express train to Shanghai, and only around 150km from port.The company partnered with SINCERE GROUP. CO., LTD. integrates design, manufacturing, trading & shipping of beauty supplies, household necessaries & swimsuits, etc. Dongyang Jiayu Commodity Co., Ltd. pursuit is not only to produce the best quality products, but also to serve customers as well as possible.OUR PRODUCTS AND MANUFACTURING:We are manufacturer past audit by Disney, have plastic injection workshop for all plastic products and parts, emply more than 100 sewing workders for fabric products for household and beauty industry, and introduced automatic packing machine and line for standard products, etc.-Commodity: Household products including cleaning brush, sponge, ball towel, etc., Storage & orgnization products such as hook, holder, rack, drawer & partition, tray, moisture absorbent. Necessaries for kitchen, dinning room, bathroom & laundry, etc., especially our patented multifunctional rack and base for whashing machine, regrigerator, etc. for hot sale. -Beauty Supplies: Salon & spa supplies such as disposable applicators, makeup brush & brush sets, makeup spatulas & palettles, cotton, nonwoven & PE disposables, sponge & puff, masking, waxing & tanning products, manicure & pedicure supplies, cosmetic package & implements, etc. -Swimsuit & Bra Cup: Traditional one pieces swimsuit, monokinis, swimdresses, bikini swimsuits, designer bikinis, skirted bikinis, skirtinis, tankinis, cover ups, bikini & cover up set, etc.OUR SERVICE: Under management of SINCERE GROUP CO., LTD. we offer the following service to worldwide customers:-OEM & ODM. We have production line for makeup applicators, brushes, spatulas, sponges, beauty kits, etc.for beauty industry; have plastic injection machine and automatic packing line for commodity as moisture absorbent, organizing rack & holders & solar dancers, etc.; and around 100 sartorius and workers for sewing products. All of the three different range of products are managed in three different factories independently.-Sales & Marketing: Not only sell products made by ourseves, but also related products from good manufacturing partners. We are trying our best to collect as complete as possible of the related products to our major. It saves customers not only lot's of time & energy for sourcing of relative products, but also get a good control of expense on import and shipping. -Sourcing & QC: Help customers to source products from our suppliers or the Yiwu International Trade City market. Do the quality control during manufacturing and pre-shipment for customers. Customer can just pay a small commission for our service as to accompany them to buy from the wholesale market, translate at the scene, supervise the production and check quality pre-shipment.-Promotion & Branding: We can not only supply good quality with reasonable price, but also the lowest price for promotional use. Brand not only on the products customers sell, but also the facilities & consumables they use to enhance the impression of their trademarks to customers.-Shipping: Ship goods by air or sea from Ningbo or Shanghai to Oceania, Europe & North America, etc. Especially to load the container in Yiwu city for products customers bought from different supplies, by which to save customers lots of money for shipping.

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