Hangzhou Kosma Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.
filter cartridge,filter housing,membrane filter,cartridge filter,capsule filter,Disc membrane, Membrane roll, Filter bag, Air /Gas housing, liquid Bag XF mini catridge, SS String wound, CP melt blown filter, MP CTO Metal cartridge, Capsule PNN pleated PES IPF G ....
Address:No. 2630 Nanhuan Road, Binjiang 310052
Anhui Yuanche Filter Equipment Co., Ltd.
un sediment filter,pp pleated filter,string wound filter,carbon block filter,filter bag, filter cartridge, string wound filter cartridge, pleated filter cartridge, spun filter cartridge, Reverse Osmosis, filter bags, carbon block filter cartridge, UDF, CTO.
Address:Jingliu and Weier Rode junction, Economic Development Zone, Tianchang City, Anhui, China
Wuhu Huamo Environmental Co., Ltd.
PP Pleated Filter Cartridge,PP Depth Filters,Pes Cartridge,Activated Carbon Fiber Melt Blown Element,For Chemical & Water Treatment, Beverage/wine/beer filter cartridge, Polyester Cellulose Micro PTFE pleated cartridge filter, Nylon 6 Pes P ....
Address:(Tiancheng Village) Industrial Concentration District, Fangcun Town, Jinghu District, Wuhu, Anhui, China (Mainland)
Tianjin Lzyun Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd
Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge,PP Melt Blown String Wound Cartridge,In-line Flter Cartridge,RO Water System,Reverse Osmosis ( RO) Spare Parts, Refrigerator Replacement Cartridge LZY S, Reverse System, Membrane, Housing Series, Post Inline 2 T33 2.5 K3 ....
Address:Wangkou Tow
Wuhu Xinshiji Purifying Equipment Co., Ltd.
Melt Blown Filter Cartridges,Activated Carborn Series,The PP Microporous Membrane Pleated Cartridges,Pleated Cartridges,HF Cartridge,Melt blown filter cartridge, Activated Series, Carbon Block Cartridges, UDF/GAC, Small T33 Big Two Sections Resin Cartridge, Active Fiber Filters, MMP ....
Address:Xinghuo Road 6 , Sanshan Economic Development Zone,Wuhu Anhui China
SIP Topology Environmental Protection And Purification Co., Ltd.
Melt blown cartridge filter,string wounded filter,pleated filter,high water flow filter,ro membrane,plant/system desig,PP Blown Filter Cartridge, Pool&SPA String Wound PP Pleated Carbon Fiber High Water Flow PET CHISSO Air Filt ....
Address:No.110,Shuangma Street, Fengting Avenue, SIP
Xuzhou Xin Paez Water Purification Equipment Limited Company
Water purifier filter cartridge,Shower filter,Intelligent toilet element,Solar water pipe,Polypropylene filter,ecial cartridge, shower head head, small filter, mini with micro household sh ....
Address:Room 810, block C, SOHO apartment, Wanda Plaza, Yunlong District, Xuzhou
Suzhou Forst Filter Co., Ltd.
AIR FILTER CARTRIDGE,DUST COLLECTOR,PLEATED BAG FILTER,AIR ELEMENTS,CARTRIDGE FILTERS,Dust Collector System, Dust Unit, Parts, Polyester Air Filter Cartridge, Square Flange Cellulose Gas Turbine Intake Filter, Pleated Bag Filters, Media, Primary Efficiency Plate HEPA/ULPA Panel ....
Address:No.18, Leyu, Lefeng Road.
Tianjin KTMT Environment Tech Co.,Ltd
PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge,String Wound FIlter Cartridge,PP Pleated Cartridge,Carbon Filter,RO Membranes,Chainmail Pot Scrubber, Water Filter, blown filter cartridge, String Cartridge, Micropore RO filter, Carbon Bags, Stainless steel Oil HYDAC, PALL, Hydraullic Mesh, Disc ....
Dongguan Sanbea Filter Equipment Co., Ltd.
PP sediment filter,PP string wound filter,Cotton filter,CTO pleated filter,Hot on sale, Micro Pleated Cartridge, Filter For Industry, GAC & UDF Filter, Water Housing, melt blown filter cartridge, Plain Surface Needle Groove Embossing String Wound Bl ....
Address:133 Hengzhen East Road, Jinju Village, Dalingshan Tow
Shanghai Jingmi Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd.
Bag filter housing,Liquid bag,filter cartridge,String Wound cartridge, Melt blown Pleated Carbon cartrdieg, Liquid Filter bag, Nut milk Cartridge housing, UPVC/ PPR bag ....
Address:No.4508 Hangtang Road
Wuhu Yinguo Electronic Commerce Co.,Ltd
filter cartridge,pleated cartridge,string wound cartridge,melt blown cartridge,high flow cartridge,30% OFF PRODUCTS, PP Spun /Melt Blown Filter Cartridge, Micron Pleated Polyester Fiber, multi-high flowment cartridge, String Wound Cartridgge, Bleached Cotton ....
Address:advertising industry park,central Beijing road,B-514
Wuxi Hongteng Plastic Machinery Factory
Water filter cartridge machine,PP melt blown machine,Pp winding machine,Carbon machine,water cartridge,PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge Machine,CTO/ Carbon Machine,PP Winding Machine,Filter cartridges,Packing machine,Film making machine,WPC plate production line,PVC plastic pipe ....
Address:No. 34, Hongxiang Road, Hongshan Industrial Park,Xishan District,Wuxi City
Shantou Yalida Filtration Equipment
filter cartridge, pp filter, cartrdge filter, water filter, pleated filter cartridge, water filter cartridge, cartridge filter, filter cartridge, micron filter cartridge, stainless steel filter housings,Filter Cartridge,Housing Filter.
Address:Shanzhang Road, Shantou, Guangdong, China
Guangzhou Kangrui Environmental Tech Co., Ltd.
Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge,Sintered Cartridge,Standard Block Filter(Cto),Activated Cartridge,Carbon Block,Sintered Cartridge,Custom Filter,Bottle water purification,UDF Cartridge,Silver-loaded activated carbon filter cartridge,Industrial cartridge,Air cartridge ....
Address:2/F, Self-Compiled Building F, 2/F, Building A4, Inside No. 6 Yard, Longdong Yinglong Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Placon Filters Pvt Ltd.
Filter Cartridge,SS Housing,PP Housing,Reverse Osmosis,Pleated cartridge,SS cartridge,Spun cartridge,Dust Collection bag,Bag Filter,Air Pressure Regulators,Fiber Glass Cartridge,Filter Regulators,Industrial Bags,Dust Bag,Filter Bags,Polyester Cartridge,Polypropylene Pleated ....
Address:GST Road (Upstair-Wavetel)
Hangzhou Tianshan Precision Filter Material Co., Ltd.
Membrane Filter Cartridges,Pleated PP PES PTFE cartridges,Pleated PVDF cartridges,Pharmaceutical or medical device,PVDF pleated filter cartridge,PTFE cartridge,PES cartridge,PP cartridge,Metal sintered cartridge,Glass microfiber cartridge, ....
Address:NO 2630,Nanhuan Rd., Binjiang
Water Filtration Products,Cleanroom Products,RO/DI system,Air Products,All Kinds of Surface Treatment,Filter Cartridge,Refillable Filter Cartridge,String Wound Cartridge,Melt Blown Cartridge,Pleated Cartridge,Carbon Cartridge,Stainless Steel Cartridge,DI Cartridge/ ....
Address:3016 Bedok North Avenue 4 EasTech Building# 05-18
Shantou Yalida Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd.
Micron Pleated Filter Cartridges,Pleated Membrane Cartridge Filters,Water Cartridge,Filter Cartridges,PP Cartridges Filter,2014 Hot sales,PES filter cartridge,PTFE cartridge,PP cartridge,Stainless steel filters,Depth cartridge,- String wound,- Meltblown,- Activated carbon,- bag,- ....
Address:Shanzhang Road NO.114, Shantou, Guangdong, China
Shanghai Pullner Filtration Technology Co., Ltd.
technological development,technology consulting,filtration equipment,filter element,filtration system design,High Flow Filter Cartridges,Micro Pleated Cartridge,String Wound Cartridge,Melt Blown Cartridge,Stainless Steel Cartridge,Wedge Screen Cartridge,Sintered ....
Address:Songjiang District
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