Guangdong Xinjintian Color Printing Industry Co., Ltd.

Company Description

Guangdong Xinjintian Color Printing Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Meilin Lake Scenic Spot, Chao'an County, which is a picturesque city of printing. Our company covers an area of 10mu and the area of new office building, production workshops and dormitory is more than 13000 square meters. IT owns a green square. With a leisure zigzag bridge over a pool at the gate, it is an excellent recreational site. In the factory area, in the beautiful living and working environment, we will be able to exert the greatest advantage and provide strong guarantee for producing top-grade packaging products. Our company owns the world-leading high-speed gravure machines, which colors are all controlled with computers. The printing speed is up to 300meters/minute, and the annual turnout is up to 5000 tons. With scientific quality managing system and constant research and innovation, our products have been improved on various levels such as styles and printing effects. So the enterprise can keep forging ahead steadily in the intense competition and create higher value for the clients.

In order to meet some special packaging requirements, our company owns high-speed dry-complex machines, which can form a high-strength, high-freshness or steam-braise resistant packaging materials with rolled film materials such as two -layer or multiple-layer or BOPP, PET, nylon, CPP, PE, aluminum foil and paper, and produce high-quality complex products with various structures for the clients. With advanced and superior bag-making production-line, we can manufacture high-quality finished bags of various styles. Adopting computerized automatic device and excellent equipment, we make sure the heat-sealing intensity and precise standard, and pursue for perfect presence. Our company owns full-automatic computer-controlled slicer, which is suitable for slicing the roll-shaped film material. The machine features high-speed, high-precision, and high-reliability. The excellent price-performance ratio, compact structure, neat slicing terminal, high-precision of intensity control, good high-speed homeostasis and professional discharging device make sure that the rolls of finished product can be used on high-speed automatic packaging machine, and create more value for clients.

In the fierce market competition, we put a lot of efforts. And in the spring tide of the market, we also have gradually cut a striking figure. Our company's "Xiwannian" brand cooking bags have achieved a good reputation and good credibility in the industry, and have brought us a lot a good relationship of cooperation with us. We look forward to your participation. And we hope that we can stride forward hand in hand and compose the brilliant and ambitious new chapter together!

Company Information

  • Contact Person:Ms. Gabby janet
  • Department:Marketing
  • Telephone:
  • Fax:
  • Zip:565638
  • Province/State:Guangdong
  • City:chaoan
  • Operational Address:East Of Wushui Rd., Guosan, Anbu Town, Chao'an County, Chaozhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Business Type:Manufacturer, Trading Company
  • Year Established:1999
  • Trade Capacity:- -
  • Production Capacity:Factory Size : 10,000-30,000 square meters Annual
  • Main Products:PRINTING,Tectorial Membrane, Full-automatic Suction Nozzle Bag-making Machine, BAG MAKING,SLITTERS,Cooking Bag,Aluminum Bag,Stand Up Pouch,Auto Packaging Roll Film, Side Gusset Pouch,Material PE/PET Plastic Food Packaging Poch, Stand Up Pouch With Spout,Ziplock Bag Zipper Bag Stand Up Pouch, Special Shaped Pouch With Spout, Triangle Pouch,
  • Location:Guangdong, China (Mainland)


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