Sinobarite Industrials Ltd
Barite,barytes, Cement & Sand, Inorganic Salt, Chemical Additives, Auxiliary, Oxide, Ferroalloy & Products, Inorganic Acid.
Address:No 9 Huizhan Rd, Guanshanhu District
Beijing Comp collects the Uygur science and technology Limited company
inorganic chemical reagent, inorganic salt.
Address:A Goddess of Mercy hall culture main road issue, beijing, beijing, China,100023
Changzhou Ao Zun Composite Material Co., Ltd.
Ammonium persulfate,Sodium thiosulfate,Potassium permanganate,Potassium alum,Oxide, Chemical Auxiliary Agent, Chloride, Alkali, Gas Disposal, Inorganic Acids, Industry Of Fine Chemicals, Pesticide Intermediate Series, Medical Intermediates Water Treatment Salt Catalyst, treatment ….
Address:No.128-1-16 HuaYuan Street, Wujin District
Crystal Growing
Lab Grown Crystals, Synthetic Gemstones Rough And Cut, Bismuth Metal, Inorganic Chemicals Like Cobalt Sulfate, Mineral Specimen,Inorganic Salt.
Jinan Tianqiu Chemical Import&Export Co., Ltd
inorganic chemical, inorganic salt.
Address:16# east road of garden village, Jinan, Shandong, China,250000
Gong Shi Ye Wu Bu
Heavy fuel oil, gas oil d2,Inorganic Acid,Inorganic Salt.
Address:Shifu Lu 19
Shijiazhuang Best color Chemical Co.,Ltd,
Chrome Yellow Series, Molybdate Red, Red Lead And Lead Monoxide, Organic Yellow And Organic Red,Inorganic Salt,Inorganic Acid,Pigment.
Address:Zhaozhou Town Industrial Park, Zhao County, Hebei Province, China
Hydrochloric Acid Hcl 35%,Calcium Chloride,Sodium Silicate,Bleaching,Ferric Chloride Solution,Spicy Vegetables,Others,Inorganic Salt,Inorganic Acid.
Address:110-B, Phase III, G.E.C.H.S., Model Town Link Road,
Shanghai Fortune Biological Technology Co,. Ltd.
fortune biological technology, Oil field chemicals, Basic inorganic chemicals, Food Ingredients, Phosphate, Oil Drilling, food additives, inorganic salt, organic, thicke.
Address:No.99, Haoxiang Road, Jiading District, Shanghai (201802), China Shanghai ?? China
Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies&Allied Chemicals Ltd
Castor Oil, Hydrogenated 12 Hydroxy Stearic Acid, Ricinoleic Caustic Potash Flakes, Barium Sulphate, Glycerine, Soaps, Soap Noodles, Hydrochloric Chlorine, K2co3,Inorganic Salt,Lubricant,Inorganic Acid,Soap,Alkali,Hydrin,Others, ….
Address:40-304, 2nd Floor, Kj Complex, Bhagyanagar
Hakena Engineering & Trade
Colemanite, tincal, ulexite, boron, borax pentahydrate, boric acid, borax deca, borax anhydrous, perlite,Inorganic Acid,Non-metallic Mineral Deposit,Inorganic Salt.
Address:Modoko Sanayi Sitesi 3. Cadde 217 Y. Dudullu
Chemicals,Stpp,Soda Ash Light,Caustic Soda,Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous,Labsa,Zeolite 4A,Phosphoric Acid,Sodium Bicarbonate,Soda Ash Dense,Glacial Acetic Acid,SHMP,Sodium Bicarbonate,CMC,Others,Inorganic,Inorganic Salt,Plastics & Products,Detergent,Alkali.
Address:No. 32, Wallich Street# 02-59, Wallich Building, Singapore
Tianjin TianGe Chemicals Co.Ltd
Inorganic Salt, Inorganic Alkali.
Address:NO.4 KaiDa Road, Dongli District, TianJin, P.R.China.
Pharmaceutical Chemicals,Organic Intermediate,Fungicide,High Polymers,Inorganic Salt,Organic Salt,Hydrin.
Address:104 / 4 Jiangling Garden Yangzhou China
Zibo Heye Chemical Co., Ltd.
Sodium Sulfite,Sodium Acetate,Inorganic salt,Organic salt,Resin products.
Anshan Huifeng Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Quinoline, Fluorene, Dibenzofuran, Perylene, Naphthalene, Naphthalic Anhydride, Methylnaphthalene, Sodium Thiocyanate, Acenaphthene, Indole, Biphenyl, Carbazole,Organic Salt,Inorganic Salt,Pharmaceutical Chemicals,Benzene & Ramification,Others,Organic Intermediate, ….
Address:No. 18 Northside, Daxi Street, Tiexi District
Vish Impex
Melting Steel Scrap & Wood Logs Salt & Other Products, Inorganic Salt, Hand railings, Stair Railings, in SS Material.
Address:P. O. Box No. 254, Gandhidham-Kachchh (Gujarat)
Shijiazhuang Nanque Chemical Product Sales Co., Ltd
zinc, zinc ingots, Aluminum ingots, inorganic salt, organic salt, pvc resin, STPP, zinc oxide, oxide, material scrap, zinc dross.
Address:Yuhua Road Shijiazhuang Hebei 050000 China
HEBEI Hongri Bicycle CO., Ltd
cellulose derivative, sodium cmc, viscosity modifier, calcium chloride, cacl2, calcium chloride flakes, inorganic salt, calcium salt, aluminum sulphate, water treatment chemicals, flocculating agent, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodi.
Address:No 455 GongNong Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
Cangzhoushi REPU Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
Alkali, Sodium salt, Sodium, Inorganic Salt.
Address:No. 54,Jiefang East Road,Xinhua District Cangzhou Hebei 061000 China

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