max power mineral oils Co.

Company Description

In S-MAX POmax power mineral oils Co.R  we do manufacture Motors oil, lndustrial oil, Lubrcating grease, spray products (mainly for heavy duty applications such as lıght trucks , vehicles used in agriculture,off road vehicles & industrial applications as well as autumotive oils for passengers transportation cars).  S-MAX POWER  is a company considered by its both domestic andlnternational clients as its main production and sales capabilitiesare focusing on motor and industrial oils out of its 200 diffrentkinds of oil that it has in its production range which is certifiedunder ISO 9001 14001 For our engine oil products we manufacture and sell  the fullysynthetic and the semi synthetic and mineral engine oilAnd for the grease products  we manufacture and sell  theCalcium, the lithium and the graphit greaseAnd for the antifreeze we we manufacture and sell  the red,blue, yellow and White colours and with different degrees  forexample we have  -25 C and -37 C and we can manufacture thisproduct according to the degrees required from the customer.

Company Information

  • Contact Person:uleyma
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  • Business Type:Manufacturing
  • Year Established:2012
  • Main Products:Engine Oil
  • Address:Turkey
  • Main Markets:Africa,Asia,Europe,Middle East
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