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Company Description

Montebello Packaging Ebay Store inventory pertains primarily to the manufacturing of Collapsible / Ridge Aluminum Tubes. Our goal is to provide fast service and shipping for our customers. Whether in the US or International. Our inventory is constantly changing! ! ! !

Company Information


  • Polytype Bowl Feeder 15 inch Vibrator Bowl
  • Baumuller Drive Controller
  • Curing Oven
  • Production line Vacuum Unit
  • Mall Base Coater Enameler
  • Conveyor Chain Pins Pegs
  • Sprockets
  • Klaschka YEL 32-2.31Cards Boards
  • Klaschka YEL 32-2.31 Cards Boards YEL
  • ABB IRO 2000 Robot ABB IRO Panel View 1200
  • Sprimag TIT Curing Oven
  • Hinterkopf Offset Printing Plate Alignment Unit
  • Extrusion Press Knockout Spring Assembly
  • Polytype BAUR S. A. Rotary Angle Transmitter BC52 Unit
  • Polytype 5 Color Offset Printer Decorating Machine
  • Hinterkopf 7332 Eislingen Offset Printer Plate Cylinder
  • Schuler X 250 Impact Extrusion Press
  • Schuler A3GD45 Trimming Cutting Beading Machine
  • IWKA CP160 Cartopac Cartoner Model CP160
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