Hunan Chuanpu Photoelectric Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
OPTICAL FIBER,ELEVATOR CABLE,RVV POWER CABLE,RVVP CABLE,SYV CONTROL CABLE,Elevator Video Control Cable, round video control cable, cable + dual steel, cable+ 2 core Power 4 Core Cat6, Elevator Network Cat5e Round Cat5e, Cat5e+Power Shielded STP, Cat6 STP ….
Address:LIANDONG U GU XUESHI Road Yuelu Dist
Dongguan Swallowtech Electronic Co., Ltd.
4pin aviation audio video cable for vehicle cameras,cctv cable,2to 19pin waterproof cable,dc power cable,car camera cables,trailer truck Cable, Backup Camera Mini Din 13 Pin cable, Cigar lighter cctv Audio&video Stereo BNC RCA Power DC AC VGA USB Network conn ….
Address:Jingshan first Industrial District,Chashan Town
Hebei Huatong Wires&Cables Group Co., Ltd.
Power Cables (LV/MV Cable,ESP Cable,Electric Cable,Control Cable,Instrument Cable and Special Cable),UL CERTIFICATED PRODUCTS, MV-90/105 Cable, THHN/THHW/THW/THW-2/THWN/THWN-2/TW, MC RHH, RHW, RHW-2, XHH, XHHW, XHHW-2, Heavy-duty Flexible cable(DLO Cable), Control Tray Cable(TC ….
Address:Hua Tong Avenue,Fengnan Industrial Development Zone,Tangshan,Hebei Province China
Sichuan Motian Cable Co., Ltd.
Cable,Wire,General Power Cable, Aluminum Conductor Copper Flame Retardant Fire Resistant Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF/LSZH) Frequency Conversion Prefab Branch Aerial Insulated (Bare), AAC/AAAC/ACSR General Control Resis ….
Address:248#,2nd Gangbei Road, Modern Industrial Zone,Pixian County
Yiteng Cable Technology Hebei Co.,Ltd.
Cable,Power Cable,Control Cable,Electrical Wire,Rubber Coated Cable,Special Purpose Cable,heat resistance cable, power 0.6/1kv 1/35kv >35kv swa armored sta non general purpose special aluminum alloy rubber 300/500v 450/750v elec ….
Address:jianshe north street
Ningbo YLK Electrical Co., Ltd.
Cable Reel,Extension Cord,Power Strip (Just for oversea markets),Cable Reel,European Reel,Swiss Reel,Italian Reel,French Reel,German Reel,Multi-Power Socket,Italian power socket,Swiss socket,French socket,Dutch socket,German socket,Plug & Socket Adapter,Extension Cable,Speaker ….
power cord,Pin Power Cords,Computer Cords,Cable Assemblies,Pin Cables,2 pin cord,3 cord,stripped jumper cable,medical cable,DC Wires,DC cables,power 3pincable,3pin connectors,Three cord,electirc computer cord,cable harness,computer cords,cable assemblies,Electric cord,two ….
Address:158, nagarwara main road, venkateshwarapuram
Tangshan Youli Mine Cable Manufacture Co., Ltd.
power cable,xlpe cable,steel tape armoured cable,PVC/XLPE INSULATION POWER CABLE,Insulated cable,Submersible pump cable,welding cable,PVC insulated cable,marine cable,Mining Cable,flat cable,Housing Wire,LV XLPE cable,rubber cable for general use,Overhead Cable,Control cable,perfab ….
Address:Yahongqiao industry zone tangshan city,hebei province,China
Guangzhou Yangyang Trading Co., Ltd.
power cable,audio cable,speaker cable,microphone cord,HDMI cable,Hi-Fi outlets&Power Filter,Headphone Amplifier,DAC,APM,HIFI Othere Accessories,HiFi Speaker feets,HiFi RCA Caps,HIFI Bulk Cables,bulk speaker cable,bulk audio cable,HiFi Power Plug+IEC Plug,HDMI Cable,HIFI Audio ….
Address:baiyun district jinshazhou huanzhousanlu huayuanshanzhang
Yuyao Erwin Electric Appliance Factory
power cord,charger cable,Coil cable,cable parts,power board,Motorbike Vehicle Parts & Accessories,Cigarette Lighter Plug and DC Cord,Hardwire Power Cable,RV, Trailer Camper Parts,Garmin/Tomtom cable,Spiral/Coil/Curly Cable,India/South Afirca cord,IEC connector,European ….
Address:Yunhuan Industry Area, Simen Town, Yuyao City
Guangzhou LX Sail Import & Export Co., Ltd.
power cable,control cable,communication cable,electric wire,Submersible Pump pump Cable,Power Cable,XLPE Insulated Power Cable,PVC Cable,Coaxial Cable,Electric Wire,Aerial Bunch Cable(ABC Cable),Internet Cable,Submarine Cable,Flexible Wire,Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable,Control Cable, ….
Address:rm 1408,fuli business building,zhongshanba rd,guangzhou
Zhengzhou Jinyuan Wire And Cable Co., Ltd.
Wire and Cable,DIN VDE 0276 POWER CABLE,TPS CABLE,MV&HV CABLES,POWERGUARD 35KV CABLES,26/35(40.5)kV power cable,21/35(40.5)kV cable,18/30(36)kV cable,12/20(24)kV cable,8.7/15(17.5)kV cable,6.35/11(12)kV cable,3.6/6(7.2)kV cable,OVERHEAD CABLE(ABC CABLE),USE-RHH-RHW-2,XHHW-2 ….
Address:#98 Tongbai Road,Zhongyuan District
Dongguan Swallowtech Electronic Ltd.
hdmi cable,vga cable,cctv cable,DC power cable,trailer cables,CCTV camera cables,audio/video cables,coaxial wire,vehicle cables,trailer cables,Spiral cable,audio and video cables,2.5mm stereo cable,RCA cables,3.5stereo cable,Power cable,AC cable,VGA cables,HDMI cable,DVI cables,USB ….
Address:Yanwo Kangda Industrial District,Shipai Town
Jiangsu Jiangyang Marine Cable Co., Ltd.
Offshore Power Cable,Offshore Communication Cable,Marine Control Low Voltage Medium Cable,Other Wire & Cables,VFD Cable, ….
Tongding Group Co., Ltd.
Optical Fiber Cable,Indoor Cable,RF Coaxial Cable,Power Cable,Communication Cable,Optical Cables,Direct Buried Cable,Self-supporting Aerial Cable,Aerial or Duct Cable,Low-voltage Electrical / Power Cable,Hybrid Cable (Fiber optic cable + cable),Flat Type Eletcical Cable,PVC Insulated ….
Address:No. 18, Xiaoping Rd., Badu Industrial Zone
Shanghai Ronda Cable Co., Ltd.
Power cable,control cable,pv cable,silicon sheath cable,special cable,low-smoke no-halogan wire and cable,electric power cable,ship RF cable,wind energy cable,intrinsic safety type signal control cable,Metallic Shielded cable,Electric wire,PVC insulated shielded flexible cable,XLPE ….
Address:No.297, Lutong Road, Liantang Industry Garden area, Qingpu Distridc,Shanghai P.R.China
Henan Goohen Wire&Cable Co., Ltd
xlpe power cable, pvc low voltage medium high aac conductor, acsr aaac welding fire-resistant control wire,ACSR Conductor/ACSR Cable,AAC Conductor/AAC Cable,AAAC Conductor/AAAC Cable,Welding Cable,XLPE Power Cable,PVC Cable,Rubber Cable,Mining Cable,Fire Resista ….
Address:No.1346, Eastern Hanghai Road, State Economic, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Shanghai Shangsu Holdings Group
power cable,rubber cable,control cable,electrical wire,plastic pipe and fitting,Rubber Cable,Rubber Sheathed Reeling Welding Flat Cable,Mining Cable,Power Cable,XLPE Insulated Power Cable,PVC Cable,Control Control Cable,Non-sheathed Cable,Sheathed Cable,Flexible Cable,Screene ….
Address:No.88, Shangsu Road, Qinggang Economic Zone, Fengxian District, Shanghai 201414 China
Hangzhou Linan Jiahong Cable Co., Ltd.
coaxial cable,power cable,cctv cable,speaker cable,alarm cable,Coaxial cable,RG59 Coax Cable,RG6 Cable,RG11 Cable,Others Cable,Combo Cable,RG59+2C Power,RG6+2C Power,RG6+4C Tele,KX6+2C Power,CCTV 2/3/4+1 Cable,Semi-finished products,Semi-finished RG59,Semi-finished ….
Address:linglong town, xiayuqiao village
Pudong Cable Company
cables, power cable, xlpe insulated pvc low voltage lv medium mv high hv electrical cable manufacturers, china x,Rubber Insulated Cable,Low Voltage Power Cable,MV/HV Cable,Control Cable,Submarine Cable,Fiber Optic Cable, ….
Address:Shanghai Fengxian area blue port industrial district line 777, shanghai, Shanghai, China

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