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Farmers are just like the angel of the world. They supply the foods to support human lives and help to reduce heating effects by CO2.

You are consumer and if you want, you can become a farmer too. How?

Yes! With Raytek, you can.

What Raytek can do for you is to help you to build a farming environmemt. Raytek know what are the best for yRaytek crops.

Raytek can turn your garden to full of life and beautiful. Even Raytek can turn your apartment's balcony and living area into a beautiful garden or your empty mini bad room into a greenhouse! Believe it or not!

The most beauty part is you don't have to know how to plant, even don't have to know how to take care of them! Just leave it and go! How?

Raytek can design an automatic control and irrigation systems with the most cost economic way. All crops grow with this system is according to the organic standards. There are no restriction of the environments or external factors, to stop you to become a farmer. Plants whatever you like and the crops are 100% safe and organic. I'm very sure you will enjoy the food you produced.


You will be very happy!

You will be so impressive you can do it!

The moment you eat the food, you are so touching; you can't believe the foods is your own made. This kind of experiance you should taste it, and you will love it.

Don't give yourself any excuse. Be a farmer and you can help to reduce CO2 in the air and also save our world!

Company Information

  • Contact Person:Mr. Ian Liew
  • Telephone:
  • Zip:47170
  • Province/State:SELANGOR
  • City:PUCHONG
  • Business Type:Manufacturer, Agent, Distributor/Wholesaler
  • Trade Capacity:- -
  • Production Capacity:- -
  • Main Products:Organic Vegetables
  • Location:SELANGOR, Malaysia
  • Website:Visit website


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