Company Description

RIZQ FARMS is Karachi based innovative social enterprise committed to provide high quality locally grown exotic mushrooms. RIZQ FARMS growing mushrooms since 2016 in the town. RIZQ FARMS is motivated to provide related information, solutions, materials too. Mushroom growing is often seen as a complex process, but with RIZQ FARMS guidelines anyone can learn to grow Mushrooms at home very easily just by following the adequate prescribed methodology Along with the provision of exotic mushrooms to the people of Pakistan, RIZQ FARMS is focusing to disseminate the vital and magical health benefits of different mushrooms as our society is suffering from lack of availability of these quality food and relevant information. Moreover, Pakistan is importing most of its required quantity from different other countries. To minimize the load of mushroom imports and to amelioration of local growing conditions, RIZQ FARMS taken this responsibility to play its role positively for the society

Company Information

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  • Business Type:2
  • Year Established:2015
  • Number Of Employees:1-5
  • Main Markets:PAKISTAN
  • Website:Visit website
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