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Scarab Handmade introduce our self that we are Egyptian company specializing in luxury handmade products Our ores are characterized by excellent skill and quality manufacturing We excel in quality and uniqueness of our products , We are the manufacturer of handcrafted products like bed covers, cushion, table covers, Plate mats, scarves , Shawls , Bath Towels, Bath Mat , Bed sheets, Pillow cases, Pillow covers, Bed spreads, curtains fabrics and Our collection of hand crochet textile revolutionize the concept of the design technique while retaining the old and ancient concepts of designing to produces the finest Bed cover & table cover Akhmim city is well known with handmade textile manufacture thousands of years ago. All the raw materials are from best kinds of cotton & linen and all textiles are made by gathering the threads according to the length of the final product. we make our products with finest Egyptian cotton and we make it handmade , also we have mechanic production line , we make our products with Avery good material and quality because that’s our aim in our work, we do our best to make a very good product that makes our costumer satisfied and having a unique product and Avery good price . You can see our products in our face book page here.

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