Shaanxi Boda Air Spring Co.,Ltd.

Company Description

shaanxi boda railroad material co.,ltd is a leading manufacturer of quality air springs (air springs or air bags) in China. Shaanxi Boda Air Spring Co.,Ltd. main products as follow: Bellow(644N,661N,662N,701N,713N.715N,727N,762N,769N,782N,786N,819N,884N,897N,927N,945N,975N,ect.) Rolling Lobe(644NP04,661NP01,715MB,725NP0123,769MB,782NP04,819MB,836MM2M2K1MB,881MB,816MB,941MB,940MB,810MB,887M,887MK1,887MBK6,4390NP01234,4157NP04,4810NP03,4004NP03,4022NP03,4813NP07,4028NP05 ,4158NP03,4157NP06,4159NP07,4811N03,4159NP09,ect.) Convoluted(FS 120-9 3/4 M8 ,1B7-540,1B8-550,1B8-580,FS 200-10 3/4 M8,1B9-202, FD 200-19 724, FD 200-19 539505319310 315 362320504452499450448506510, FD 200-22 524 529706, FD 200-25 453426454427463428429507511717, FD 330-22 363472471500313337318346364365366367331368 327343334,FT 300-29 430431432,etc.) Sleeve(SZ 130-25 P04,SZ53-10,SZ50-9,SZ11-5,SZ 135-19,SZ 51-5,SZ 51-7,SZ 51-10,1S4-067,1S5-055,W02-358-7024,W02-358-7017,W02-358-7035,W02-358-7087,W21-760-900W21-760-9002W21-760-9001W01-760-7012W02-358-7206,ect.) (The type No. is only reference by Contitech or Firestone.) All of these products are widely used in commercial vehicles, passenger cars and industrial machinery etc. Such as Automotive, paper milling machines, testing equipment, chemical engineering. To service their special demands on stroke control, shocks proofing, vibration isolation etc. Te be an end supplier, our greatest asset is only supplies the high quality products and service to our customer. SHBD has strictly followed the ISO quality system to implement the whole production. With time-tested designs most of our products has successfully exported to Australia, UK and USA. With the stable quality, reasonable price and fast delivery time, we win more and more worldwide customers. if you are interested in our products, please contract with us, our inbox is SHBD.YU at 163 dot com.

Company Information

  • Contact Person:Mr. lane Q
  • Department:Business Development Manager
  • Telephone:
  • Fax:
  • Zip:710054
  • Business Type:Trading
  • Year Established:2000
  • Number Of Employees:100+
  • Trade Capacity:Export Percentage:
  • Certificates:TUV
  • Main Products:All Kinds Of Air Spring, Suspension Air Spring,Truck Air Spring,Air Bag. Type Bellow, Roll Lobe, Convoluted,Sleeve,Ect., Airspring(Convoluted), Air Spring (bellow), Airspring (Roll Lobe),
  • Address:youyi, XI AN, shaanxi, China
  • Main Markets:Americas,Africa,Asia,Caribbean,America,East Europe


  • Air spring, suspension parts, shock-absorber
  • Air spring, air bag, suspension parts, shock-absorber
  • Air spring, suspension parts, auto parts,shock-absorber
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