Shandong Longxing Plastic Film Technology Co., Ltd

Company Description

Since its foundation in 2011, Shandong LongXing Plastic Film Technology Co., Ltd has developed the domestic and foreign plastic film industry by best quality products in the domestic market.Shandong Longxing Plastic Film Technology Co., Ltd built up more workshops and imported the world's most advanced facilities-EVOH five layer co-extrusion blown film production line,devote ourselves to research and produce the first level products.The total production capacity of all kinds of EVOH, PO, EVA, PE agricultural film, packing film, and geomembrane is 50,000 tons per year.Among LongXing's leading products are:l .Agricultural films for greenhouse covers;l .Mulch films for use in open fields;l .Barrier films for soil fumigation with noxious chemicals (VIF), (TIF);l .HDPE films for pond and reservoir liners;l .SiloFilm-Silage Bag, Silage Sheeting, Silage Wrap Film, Oxygen Barrier Film, etc;l .Grain Storage Bag, Oxygen Barrier Film for grain storage;l .Heavy duty bags for chemical fertilizers;l .Fabric products-PP woven bag, poly-paper bag, bulk bag,`Weed Mat, PP woven geotextile, etc;l .A range of non-agricultural applications-Geomembrane, Vacuum Bag Film, Flexitank, Shrink Wrap, etc.LongXing has laid the foundation by the authorized technology and the quality of our company in the domestic market for a long time. Furthermore, we have grown into the company recognized by the world LongXing will promote people's wellness and the development of the agriculture plastic film industry by product invention and high quality. We keep trying for challenge and change, and your encouragement will help LongXing's growth.

Company Information

  • Contact Person:Mr. Albert Sha
  • Department:Sale
  • Job Title:General Sales Manager
  • Telephone:
  • Fax:
  • Zip:262700
  • Province/State:Shandong
  • City:Shouguang
  • Operational Address:West Of Xinhua West Road, Houzhen Project Area, Shouguang, Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Business Type:Manufacturer, Trading Company
  • Year Established:2011
  • Total Revenue:US$10 Million - US$50 Millio
  • Average Lead Time:20 Day(s)
  • Main Products:Silage Film,Grain Bag,Greenhouse Film,Shrink Wrap,PE Film For Container Liner, PE Film,PP Woven Fabric,Silo Bag,Shrink Wrap,Silage Sheet&Cover, Black And White Plastic Film, Greenhouse Film,Vaccum Bag Film For Composites Infusion Process, Heavy Duty Film&FFS, Plastic Bag,PE Geomembrane, PE Film For Container Liner, Biodegradable Plastic Film, TIF&VIF Soil Fumigation Film, Weed Mat
  • Address:108 Gongyuanxijie Road
  • Main Markets:Domestic Market 65.00% North America 22.00% Oceani
  • Location:Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Website:Visit website


  • Diameter 10ft 3.05meter Silage Bag for Alfalfa, Maize, Wheat and Barley Flexible Storage
  • Grain Bag for the Soybean and Cereal Flexible Storage
  • Light Diffusion Five-layer Greenhouse Film
  • Fire Retardant Shrink Wrap Being Qualified with NFPA-701
  • 9' x 60m x 9 mil high strength silage bag
  • uv protection 180-250 micron greenhouse plastic film 5 years
  • High strength Black/White Silage Covering/Silage Sheeting
  • 170 Nylon Vacuum Bag Film for Wind turbine blades
  • Best Quality Silage Cover for black and white film
  • Factory Panda film Black & White poly film 5.5Mil Grain Bunker Covers silage cover
  • heavy duty film for FFS bags
  • Plastic Garbage Bag
  • black and white silage film
  • High Strength 38MPa PE Film for bulk Container Liner
  • PE Film for Container Liner
  • 1800N strength 8m width PP sleeves for Flexitank
  • PE film for container liner
  • Big Silo bag for grain storage and silage storage
  • PP ground cover,weed barrier Fabrics
  • TIF Soil Fumigation Film
  • 170 Nylon Vacuum Bag Film
  • 40'*80'*7mil white/blue boat Shrink Wrap
  • Silo Bag/Silage Bag/Grain Bag
  • 2 in 1 Oxygen Barrier Silage Cover
  • Poly Black Bin Liners, High Quality Waste Industrial Liners & Covers
  • biodegradable mulch film
  • hdpe geomembrane for fish farm pond lake dam
  • Factory Supply 125um X 8m LDPE Film For Flexitank/Bulk Container Liner
  • Best Price Five-layer TIF film/Soil fumigation film
  • Factory Supply 50um--75um EVOH Oxygen Barrier Film for silage bunker cover
  • vacuum bagging for composites material
  • 50%-70% light diffusion Greenhouse Film
  • Greenhouse Film
  • Factory OEM Retardant 10 mil White shrink wrap for protective building
  • Simple and time-saving LDPE heat shrink wrap reusable pallet cover hood bag
  • Silage Bag
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