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Abina Store Enterprise
Shipping Agency.
Address:24A Kennedy Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone  Freetown, Western Area
African Mining SL Ltd
Gold, Diamonds, platinum, Scrap Metal.
Address:10 MUSA STREET, FREETOWN Freetown, Western Area
Energyfund Organisatio
Funding & Investment.
Address:Imatt Hill Station  Freetown, Freetow
Al Venture
cardprinters, foodstuff.
Address:50t Babadorie, Lumley Freetown,
Gold and Diamond Ltd
gold, diaomds, diamond.
Address:water road  freetown, fretow
Tinkoko Local Miners Sl
Minerals, Miner.
Address:№ 3 Bayo Koidu Rd Kono District Sierra Leone. Kono District, Kono
Sierra Leone Mandate Limited
Universal Logistics and Trade Ltd
Address:9 College Road Cline town Freetown, Western Area
Safrokoh Themne Farmers Associatio
wood, food, oils, nut.
Address:2 Locust Street Freetown, Western Area
Johnsons Medical
Hospital equipments, health care delivery.
Address:136 wilkinson street freetown, freetow
ierra farmers associatio
Deal and sell coffee beans and cocoa to consumers and factories. Interest buyers should contact our local farm for supply to there destinatio,Beans, Nuts & Kernel.
Address:23 Saika Steve
Moonland Diamond
gold bars, uncut diamond.
Address:63, Grassfield Road Lumley, Freetown,
Del - Century Enterprise
Del - Century Enterprises is a Limited liability company based in Sierra Leone.
Address:19 Jone
Gold, Diamond.
Address:34 Freetown Road freetown, Magboroka
Araaiz Trading Co, LTD.
Address:#102 Cikin Gari, Hotoro-Kudu Kano, Kano State-Nigeria.
Afric Stone Mineral
gold, brow.
Address:192 wikinson road freetown, western province
Mag-Gas Globa Venture
uy, word, like, love.
Address:3Goderich Street Freetown Freetwon, Western Area
Gold Mining Diamond
Diamonds, Gold.
Address:25 Belewa Drive, Wiliberforce  Freetown, Kenema
Bo Miners SL
Beah Charitable Mining
gold, diamond.
Address:17,black and white street,,bo town bo district, bo district
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Securit
agricultural cro.
Address:C/O Head of the Procurement Unit, Ministry of Agri Freetown,
Kolglenns Materials Co., Ltd
Address:10 Black Hall Road  East End, Freetow
Africa Raw Materials S/L Limited
Address:25 Wilkinson Road Freetown Sierra Leone Freetown, Northen Province
Cosmeline Products Limited
Soap Noodles,Laundry Soap,Carbolic Soap,Medicated Soaps,Multipurpose Soa,Soap Noodles, Soa.
Address:1 Wilberforce Street
Gems & Metals Grou
ullion, gems, diamonds, oil palm, agricultural produce, exports, procument.
Address:59 Foday Sankoh Rd, Bo, Sierra Leone bo, easter
Global Mines & Investment Ltd. (SL)
Rough diamond, Au Gold, Uncut Diamond, Diamonds, Gold Dire, Gold Bar.
Address:No. 22 Congocross st. Freetown, Sierra Leone
Bo Village Miner
Address:2 Bo-John Street Bo Town Bo Town Sierra Leone , Bo Tow
Almas Impex Co.,Ltd.
Oil, D2, gold, diamond, petrol.
Address:14 Kenema Bo Road, Sierra Leone Freetown, Kenema
Bafco Foundatio
outboard motor.
Address:10 Silla Street Bo,
Local Miners Corp Ltd.
Au Gold, Rough, uncut diamond.
Address:24 Magoda Road, Sierra Leone Freetown, Bo
Emerald Mining Company
gold, diamond.
Address:o;2 free street sierra leone freetown, kono district
Sri Rushab Trade Link Ltd
Diamonds, gold, Crude Oil.
Address:23M Bo-Kenema Road, Sierra Lerone Freetown, Zimmi
Diamond, Diamond Jewelry,Diamond Jewelry.
aobab engineering and construction company ltd
d2, jet fuel, sugar, wheat flour, rice.
Address:14 dillet street
Mohammed Aruna
Address:9 Freetown Road, Lumley Freetown, Western Area
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