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caledonian cable&wire
fire resistance cable,airport cable,Aerial Bundled Cable,rolling stock cable,0.6/1kv Pvc Cable,1- 36kv Xlpe Cable ,railway cable,Marine Cable,Instrumentation Cables.
Power Cables (Pvt) Limited
General Wires,Low Voltage Cables,Medium Voltage Cables,Conductors,ABC Bundles Cables,Flexible cables.
Ningbo Donyorg Control Cables Co., Ltd.
control cables,bowden cables,push pull cable,push pull outer casing,sp outer casing,gear shift cables.
Zhejiang Qinshan Cable Co.,Ltd.
power cable,electrical wire,control cable,solar cable,wiring cable.
Hunan Xutons Metal & Plastic Co., Ltd
retractable cord reel,retractable cable reel,cable organizer,cable management,cable recoiler,cable rewinder,cable coiler,retractable drum,elecctric reel.
Power Plus Cable Co. L.L.C.
High Voltage Cables,Medium Voltage Cables,Low Voltage Cables,Wire Cables,LSF Cables,LSZH Cables,Solar Cables,PVC Cable,Instrumentation Cable.
Electrical Wire & Cable Specialists
8 AWG Marine Battery Cable,10 AWG Marine Primary Wire.
Shijiazhuang Upward Imp&corp. Ltd.
electric installation connecting wires,solar cables,power cables,optical fiber cable,electric wire,High temperature wires & cables,special types of wires & cables.,automobile cables,high-quality motor winding wires.
Beijing Tiancheng Ruiyuan Cable Co.,Ltd
power cable,aerial insulated cable,overhead line conductors,plastic-insulated controlling cable,cotton covered wire,computer cable ,signal cable,variable frequency cable,compensating cable.
Henan Sanheng Industrail Co., Ltd
Electrical cable,electrical wires,PVC insulated wire,power cable,aerial cable,control cable,rubber cable,bare copper conductor,PVC insulated & sheathed cable.
jinglan cable co.,ltd
power cable,coaxial cable,rubber cable,control cable,FR cable.
Suzhou Wujiang Shenzhou Bimetalic Cable Co., Ltd.
enameled copper clad aluminum wire,enameled aluminum wire,copper clad aluminum wire.
power cable , electrical device cable , special cable for mining marin auto wind power and solar power , military cable,New type optical composite cable and wire (OPGW OPLC OPMC),:AAC ACSR AAAC AACSR ACAR,Bare conductor .
Dongguan Huayu Optic-Electric Co. Ltd
Optical Fiber Cable,drop cable,fiber cable,indoor optical fiber cable,zinc steel wire,PE coated steel wire,coated steel wire,galvanised steel wire,phosphated steel wire.
hongtai shengrui wire cable co.,ltd
XLPE insulation cable ,high voltage power cable ,middle voltage cable,11kv power cable ,pvc insulated power cable ,35kv power cable ,building wire ,Armoured cable ,underground cable .
Henan Xianwen Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd
power cables,Telecom Cables,Control Cables,XLPE cables,ABC cables,Marine cables,Building Wires.
lsf flexible /lighting controlfire rated/data cables.
hdmi cable, vga cable, dvi cable, lan cable.
Address:lUOHU, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Accuracy Eletronics Technologies Co. Ltd
rigid pcb, heavy copper pcb, aluminum-based pcb, copper-based pcb, ceramic pcb, pcba.
Address:Minzhi Street, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
electronic devices, technology, computers.
Address:Condominio Arizona Casa 39-C, Contiguo a Super MasyMas, Damas, Desamparados, San Jose, Costa Rica
Zhejiang Gaozi Complete Plant Co.(ltd)
electrician measuring appliance, function signal generator,teaching equipment,Teaching Instrument.
Address:No. 1180 Bin An Road, Hanzhong, Zhejiang, China
Xinmiao Trade Co., Ltd
drawing machine, gypsum board.
Address:heping, shijiazhuang, hebei, China
Detay Ltd. Sti.
wooden table lamps.
Address:sanayi mah.karaahmet sk. no.2 gungoren, istanbul, turkey, Turkey
Yiwu Li Lang Electronics Factory In Europe
toothbrush sterilization device.
Address:choujiang, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China
Op-link Electronic Co., Ltd
hdmi cable, mhl cable, dvi cable, adapter,HDMI Series.
Address:op-link industal park,longgang,shenzhen,guangdong,china, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Shenzhen Flourish Electornic Co., Ltd
av cable, cctv cable, power cord, bnc connector,CCTV CABLE.
Address:Zhenxing, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Hongtai Wire&Cable Co., Ltd
electrical cable, wires&cables,Power Cable,Xlpe Armored Cable.
Address:Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
Dopan Cable Trays Co.,ltd
cable trays,hardware,warehouse shelf ,metal products.
Address:guali, hangzhou, zhejiang, China
P M Conductors Ltd
copper & aluminium wires, winding wires, copper strips, aluminium strips, fibre glass covered varnish bonded strips..
Address:MIDC, Nagpur, India
AIR Electronics
atmel. finder, siemens , samsung avtivepepperl & fuchs.
Address:germay, mannheim, Germany
CCSlink Company Limited
electronics & electricity, agricultures, sign,LED Lights.
Address:No. 8, Rd qianjin 2, 75 district, Baoan, Shenzhen, GD, China
Transcom FZC
ball valves, stud bolts, fiber glass tubing, cable lug, copper cable lug, cable connector, welding rod, lincoln electrode, washers, electrical cables, 3m products, adhesives, welding electrodes.
Address:Sharjah Free Zone, Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE
Najmat Group
electricial cables.
Address:Other, UAE
Mile Ltd
electrical supplies, cables and wires.
Address:Madi u 52., Budapest, Other, Hungary
Suzhou Jialiang Nonwoven Co., LTD
automatic blanket wash cloth,ABC,SMT.
Address:Mudong, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
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