Company Description

Wuhan Hengmeihua Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a fast developing company owing 2 factories in the field of producing and exporting yarns with a history of many years. WUHAN HENGMEIHUA IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD covers an area of over 18000 square meters with advanced equipments and 4 production lines. Nowadays the capacity is about 1500 tons per month.
Main Products: Cotton Yarn, Polyester Yarn, Viscose Yarn, Modal Yarn, Acrylic Yarn, Nylon Yarn, Spandex Yarn, Metallic Yarn, Silk Yarn, Wool Yarn, Bamboo Yarn, Combed Yarn, Carded Yarn, Covered Yarn, Blended Yarn, CVC Yarn,T/C Yarn, T/R Yarn, Fancy Yarn, Melange Yarn, etc.

Company Information


  • Pure Cotton Yarn Knitting Yarn 24s/1
  • 100% Cotton Yarn Knitting Yarn 32s/1
  • Combed Viscose Yarn for Knitting Ne 30/1 and 40/1
  • High Strength Polyester Yarn 150D/48F for Knitting
  • Polyester Cotton Blended Yarn 80s 65/35 T/C Yarn
  • T/C Yarn Polyester Cotton Blended Yarn 60s 65/35
  • Polyester Spun Yarn 16s/2 Raw White
  • Color Acrylic Yarn Knitting Yarn 30s/2
  • Color Acrylic Yarn Knitting Yarn 20s/1
  • Acrylic Cotton Yarn Ne24/2 (50/50) for Knitting
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