Xiongxian Chengshi Plastic Industry Packaging Co., Ltd.

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Xiongxian Chengshi plastic packaging Co., Ltd., located in the Pearl of North China, Baiyangdian River, to high-tech industries as the mainstream hot spring city development zone.
The main food packaging series (composite bag, non composite bag): food bags, composite membrane membrane (food packaging film), liquid packaging film (black and white film, milk film) rod bags, pouches, aluminum bags, aluminum foil bag, skin bag, vacuum bag, cooking bag, Japanese tofu bag, paste a heat sXiongxian Chengshi Plastic Industry Packaging Co., Ltd.ce bag, plastic bag, plastic bags, and other packaging.
Widely used in: meat, frozen food, dried food, leisure food, drinks, milk, yogurt, Coffee, jelly, candy, biscuits, milk, tofu, bean, cooking food, pet food, pickles class food, powdered material bag and so on various types of packaging, new line, custom-made all kinds of washing supplies self-reliance bag.
The company was founded in 2002, has many years of manufacturing plastic film, packaging bags of experience, strong technical force, advanced equipment technology, three layer coextrusion blow molding machine, computer automatic color register printing unit, high speed composite unit, computer automatic bag making machine, high speed cutting machine are advanced equipment.
Mechanical and physical properties of products were beyond the national standard, according to the GB9687 - 88 polyethylene products hygiene standards, consistent with the GB13113 91 composite plastic sanitary standard.
Our company is the Baoding Municipal Association rated as "consumer trust business", Baoding city was rated as "Shou contract re credit units", "star enterprise".
Company documents complete.
My department to "create high-quality goods, the pursuit of excellence" as business principle, wholeheartedly at your service!

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