China Aosen Oil Purifier Manufacture CO., Ltd

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China Aosen oil purifier manufacture corporation LTD. is a high-technology enterprise which is professional to produce oil purifier plants. China Aosen Oil Purifier Manufacture CO., Ltd is at Chongqing which is a heavy industry city in southeast and a traffic hinge at the upriver of Yangtze. Because Chongqing's transportation is convenient by water, it has become the most active commercial center at the upriver of Yangtze in the southeast area. In Chongqing, a new market system has built with clear levels, tension structure. Facing to the global, influencing the economy along the Yangtze and in the southeast area, the market system has been changed from the traditional business to the modern business. Our company has many well-known professors such as separative-engineering professors, oil-analyzing engineers, mechanical engineers and circuit engineers so that our company has strong ability to study and produce. Our products are used in many areas including electric power, petrifaction, mine, oilfield, metallurgy, traffic, transportation, pharmaceutical, mechanic, cooking oil and so on. Our company can satisfy customers' requirement for oil through our oil purifier plants. Because of the high filtering precision, stable operation, obvious low cost, perfect protective function, convenient maintenance and favorable price, our company gets the praise from both new and old customers. The image that"Aosen oil purifier ---- The Real Oil Purifier Professor in China"has been recognized by the national and foreign market. " treating earth kindly, protecting environment positively "

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