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urge communicatio
electrical, telecommunication, generator, air condition , super market , interior , lighting, power.
Address:华鹏路1号, Zhenjiang , Jiangsu
Heat Treatment Units,Temperature Measuring & Thermocouple Welding Equipment,Ceramic Beads,Ceramic Heater Pads,Cables Wires,Ceramic Beads, Pink Ceramic White Special Plugs, Sockets Connectors, Plugs and Sockets, 300A Brass Connector Camlocks, 60A Cables Wires, Splitter Triple Cable Set, ….
Address:8/F, Block B, Veristrong Industrial Centre, 34-36 Au Pui Wan Street
Chongqing Yufeng Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
electric cable and Wire,power cable,cable wire electrical,electric cable,electric wire,H07Z-U H07Z-R LSZH PO Insulated, LSOH/LSZH Electric Cable, PVC Insulated Wire, Power XLPE Control Aerial Bundled Prefab Branch Welding Rubber Sheathed Concentric Communication Network Telephone Audio C ….
Address:Shuangfu Indusrial Park
Hasan Industrie
electric copper insulated pvc cables, power cables, industrial cables, flexable cables, telefone cable.
Address:Korangi, Karachi, Sindh, Pakista
Taizhou SF Import And Export Co., Ltd.
wire,cable,flexible line,trade.
Wuxi Mingzhu Cable Co., Ltd.
cable,electric wire,mining cable,power cable,XLPE cable,New Energy Cable, Power Cable, Rubber Cable, Control Cable, Electrical Wire, Overhead Cable, bare conductor, Mining Cable, Computer Cable.
Address:No.18, Industrial Zone A, Guanlin Town
Hebei Pengrun Wire And Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Power cable,house electric wire,welding cable,power cable, High Voltage Cable, Medium Low Armoured Copper Wires and Cables, Aluminium wires cables, Rubber Control Electrical Wires, Aluminum Wire, ….
Address:Boye County
charming girl sho
exy lingerie.
Address:Panyu shiqiao, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
YMP International Ltd.
Plastic and melamine kitchenware,Construction Materials,Polymeric materials,agricultural crops,Dried Fruit,Nuts, Wire and Cable, Ceramic and Tiles, Greenhouse Films, Pipe and Fittings, Melamine Dish, dinner set, Plastic, Melamine.
Address:unit 1806- 35 hollywood avenue
Changzhou Amazing Warm Technology Co., Ltd.
Heating Cable,Heating Wire,Water Pipe Cable,resistance wire,superfine heating wire,Resistacne Ribbon and Strip, Fabric undefloor mat, Wire Cable, UL blanket wire, Resistance Wire, Silicone Rubber Heater, Roof & Gutter deicing cable, Underfloor mats, ….
Address:715, Bldg. 7, Shimao Business Plaza, Xinbei Dist., Changzhou, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Dandong Find Trading Co., Ltd.
wire,cable,thermistor,electrical equipment,Electric wire, electric wire the soft core, electric wire hard core, Aluminum strand of steel wire, Electric cable, power cable, special cable, Electronic components.
restige electric and switchgear corporatio
kit-kat fuse, motor starter, neutral links, insulator.
Henan Oupusen Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd.
cable,Building material,Control cable, Xlpe insulated aluminum Conductor Underground Powe, AAC/AAAC/ACSR Cable, Aerial Bundle XLPE Insulated Power Copper Conductor, Electrical Wire, a POWER CABLES, High-voltage xlpe Low-voltage 0.6/1KV Low Voltage, 8.7/15KV medium 18/35KV Higt -Voltage, ….
Guangdong Cable Manufacturer Co., Ltd.
cable,power cable,electric cable,wire cable,pvc cable,Main Product, Electric cables, Power cables, XLPE cables, Armoured cables, Control cables, Rubber cables, ABC cable, Other Product.
Address:Guichen street
Beijing Ketexingye Thermal Control Technology Co., Ltd.
heat trace cable,self regulating heating cable,electric underfloor heating cable,snow melting cable,terminal box, Snow melting system & subfloor storage heating, heating cable, Pipe heating cable, self regulating heating cable.
Shandong Yuantong Cable Co., Ltd.
cable,electric wire,flame-retardant wires and cable,oil-resistant flexible cables,pvc insulated sheathed cable,RVVP shielded copper wire, RVB flat parallel RVS twisted pair BLVVB solid aluminium BVVB YH rubber welding cable, VVR VV KVV control YJV22 steel tape armored YZ sheathe ….
Address:economic and technology development zone
Henan Guowang Cable Co.,Ltd
Power Cable,PVC Cable,XLPE Cable,Rubber Cable,ABC Cable,Buried Cable, Medium voltage power cable, Low Rubber Flat Control Welding ACSR Conductor, AAAC AAC ABC Electric wires, ….
Address:Guodian tow
Sokab Cables Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)
House wiring cable,Power cable,Electrical cable,Mining cable,Rubber cable,Online Wholesale wire & cables, Floating Cable, Underwater ROV Building Construction, BV-a, BV-b, RV, BVV, RVV, RVB, BVVB, RVS, Nylon FVN, THHN/THWN, Power Distribution, Power---Low voltage non armored, STA, SWA, ….
Address:No,720 Yuandong Road
Mianyang Kangtesi Electronics Co., Ltd.
PM2.5 Tester,TVOC Tester,:hygrothermograph,Electronic Connector,Electrical Connector,PM2.5 TESTER, ,, SMART HOME, other, ELECTRONIC CONNECTOR, ,, CABLE ASSEMBLING, Machined parts, ,, ,, .
Address:Yuanxing Street
SS Global Oversea
Kasab Kablo Elektrik Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi
Address:Omerli Mah. Prof. Mehmet Bozkurt Cad. No:32 Kat:1 Hadimkoy / Arnavutkoy / iSTANBUL
Hebei Ronghua Wire and Cable Co.,Ltd.
Rubber sheathed cable,Submersible cable,Power cable,Mine cable,Control cable,High temperature cable, Silicone insulated Crane Cable, Mining General Set Soft Waterproof Cable/Submersible Pump Welding Power 18/35KV Higt -Voltage, 8.7/15KV medium Voltage, 0.6/1KV Low Low-voltage xlpe ….
Address:Jianhua Street
Dongguan Anyang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Single and multicore flexible cable,Silicone cable,Control Electronic cable,power cable,House cable,Hot Selling, EV Cables, High Flexible PVC Shielded Cable, Non-shielded 15 Million Times Bending PUR, Silicone Servo Sensor Robot Flat Solar Signal Welding House Wiring, Other ….
Address:Humen, Dapu Road
Xuzhou Shengbao Industrial Gruop Co., Ltd
olyester enameled wire.
Address:Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China
Guangzhou Mingcheng Wire Manufacturing Factory
copper conductor PVC insulated flexible power cable,wires for electric toys,copper wire,patch cord,Electrical wire computer,Connector Terminal, TPE USB cable Teflon (PTFE) wire, hook-up Flat ribbon and cable, Multi-core wire&cable, Dubond & Power cord plug, Shielding data ….
Address:Floor 1, No. 78, Xindun Road, Xindun Village, Xintang Town, Zengcheng, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Deepak Wire Industrie
copper wire.
Coffee Beans,Frozen Griller Chicken,Wooden Timber Hard and Soft wood,Railroad Sleeper,Wooden Doors & Window,Food, Constructio.
Address:Rua Manoel Vieira Garcao, 10 Sl 908
Wuhu Keyang New Material Co., Ltd.
elf-regulating heating cable,constant wattage cable,heating trace mat,twin conductor cable,elf-regulating cable, high temperature self regualting medium self-regulating low waterpipe cable with plug, roof and gutter deicing floor m ….
Address:Sanshan Green Industrial Development Zone
Asian Electric Appliances & Cables Technology Co., Ltd.
home cable,power cable,control cable,computer cable,motor connection cable,Home Use Wires, Cu/PVC, Cu/PVC/PVC, Cu/XLPE/PVC LSOH cables WDZ-BY, Flexible cables, RVV, 35kV and below Voltage Power Cables, Low Voltage Power Cables, Medium Voltage Power Cables, .
Address:Block A,Hegui Industrial Park,Lishui Town,Nanhai
Ozel Elektrolitik Bakir Mamulleri Sanayi Ve Dis Ticaret Anonim Sirketi
Address:Gazi Osman Pasa Mah. 2. OSB 939. Ada, D:5
Zhengzhou Lancaihe E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
Power Cable,ABC Cable,AAAC,Control Cable,Low voltage power cables, 0.6 / 1kv, 1.8 3kv, Control cable, Medium 3.6 6kv, 6 10kv, 8.7 15kv, 12 20kv, 18 30kv, 21 35kv, 26 Overhead insulated wire, Bare AAAC, AAC, Electric ….
Qihong (Xiamen) Power Transformer Co., Ltd.
ower transformer,oil immersed transformer, dry-type power transformer, switchgear, cable, .
Address:Room 503, Chuangye Building, No. 106 Anling Second Road, Huli District
Haiyan Desheng Cable Technology Co., Ltd.
Power cable,Audio cable,speaker cable,Telephone cable,Microphone cable,ELECTRICAL CABLES, COAXIAL CABLES, SPEAKER CABLE, CONNECT CABLE, POWER CABLES, VIDEO/AUDIO CABLES, PATCH CABLES & LAN CABLES, ,, See All Categorie.
Well Ascent Electronic (GanZhou) Co., Ltd.
copper wire, flat enamelled wire, enamelled copper wire, electrical wire.
Address:No.18, Shahekou Road, Shahe Industrial Park, Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China,341000
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