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Hafe Group Limited is a large-scale comprehensive joint venture manufactory one which located in Shanghai and Zhejiang province incorporating technology, factory and trade. It has fHafe Industrial Co.,Ltd subsidiaries, i.e. Shanghai Hafe Technology Development Limited, Zhejiang Hafe Textile Factory, Yiwu Fashion World Belt Factory and Hafe Industrial limited, It owns an efficient team of more forty people operating in Engineering dept., Market dept., Technology dept., International Trade dept. etc.

As an advanced enterprise Hafe Group Limited, Textile product and Leather products plays an important role in our group. especially textile raw material CHIPS, KINDS OF YARN AND THREAD,M-TYPE METALLIC YARN,MS-TYPE METALLIC YARN,MX-TYPE METALLIC YARN,MH-TYPE METALLIC YARN,METALLIZED FILM,METALLIC THREAD,METALLIC ROPES,GLITTER POWDER, and leather BELTS, BRACELETS, LEATHER MATERIAL. and which has attached extensively business relations with many factories in many kinds of fields, such as Stationery industry, Cosmetics Industry and Jewellery Industry etc..

Our main objective is to give customers the best quality at the competitive price. We make an extra effort to ensure that our customers receive excellent service, prompt  delivery, as well as effective and attractive packaging.

If you require any additional information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  

Hafe Group Limited
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