Hung Yie Electric Wire CO., LTD.

Company Description

1. Single conductor and multiple conductors PVC electric wire.
2. Multiple conductors and multiple PVC wires PVC electric cables.
3. PVC insulation and PVC Jacket/sheath cables.
4. Electronic wires and cables.
5. PVC control wires and PVC-PVC control cables.
6. VV and CV poHung Yie Electric Wire CO., LTD.r cables-600 V PVC insulation and PVC jacket cables.
7. Booster cables
8. Automobile wires and cables.
9. Machinery wiring wires and cables.
10.Coxial wires and cables.
11.Compound wires and cables.
12.PVC flat elevator cables.
13.PVC flat crane cables.
14.Portable and control cables.
15.Flexible wires and cables.
16.Instrument cables.
17.Spring Cables.
18.Truck cables.
19.Heat-resistance wires and cables.
20.Silicon wires and cables.
21.Special wires and cable.
22.Custom-made wires and cables.

Company Information


  • Cables & Wires
  • Flexible Cords
  • Wire & Cable
  • Wire & Cable
  • UL Standard Wiring Cable
  • Wire and Cable
  • UL Series
  • VFF-
  • Automotive Cable (AV)
  • Automotive Cable
  • Automotive Cable X 4F
  • Clear PVC
  • Trailer Wire
  • Flat Ribbon Wire
  • 0.18mmX90C TC)X1F+ 0.18mmX 90C BC)X1F
  • Tinned Copper Heavy Duty Fig 8 Cable
  • Plugs and Sockets
  • Electric Cable
  • Battery Cable
  • Automotive Cable
  • Automotive Cable
  • Polarity-Smart Booster Cable
  • Control Cable 1.5mmx3C
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