All kinds of metals/scraps available for sale on contract basis..
Address:P. O. Box 5751
Sav Steel Co.
Diffrent Kinds of Industrial and Structural Steel.
Address:No. 320, Motahari Ave.
Kinds of tools, Valves, Fasteners, Bolt and nuts,Lubricants,Carpet,Electric Water Heater,Gas water heater,Evaporate Air cooler.
Address:Unit 2, No 8, 9TH St. , Arabali St. , Khoramshahr St. , North Sohrevardi Ave. , Tehran-Iran
Iran's Carpet
Many kinds of Iran's hand kniting carpet,Carpet.
Address:No 46/Saedi Ave/15 Meter Barf St/Damavand Mst
Office Iran
all kinds of saffron, genuine iranian saffron, best saffron.
Address:majour, royan, mazandaran, Iran
AHT co
All kinds of Dates fruit, all kinds of Raisins and Pistachio.
Address:3 Ramin st., North Vali Asr Ave.
Sadr Abzar Sahand
Measuring tools,Power tools,All kinds of Drills,Hand and Machine Taps,Measuring Tools.
Address:No. 9, Victoria Bulding, Bahonar St.
Kavah Port & Marine Services
We have all kinds of Port and Marine Services, including transit, loading and discharging containers and cargos. We also have complementary services such as transferring the goods to everywhere.
Address:No.22 Transit Store, Shahid Rajaee Jetty
Brzar Keshmesh Shargh
raisin in different kinds.
Address:Other, Iran
Tavan Aflak Lorestan
foodstuff like tomato paste , sun flower oil , different kinds of compote , jam , lighting equipments , building material.
Address:shohada, khoram abad, lorestan, Iran
Kinds Of Wet Wipe-Nail Polish Remover-Almond Oil-Olive Oil-Vazelin-Glycerin, . . . . . ..
Address:North Bozorgmehr
Asia Hydraulic
All kinds of hipoid hydraulic motor, pistons ride pumps, carts and handle valves,Industrial Supplies Agents.
Address:Unit 5 - Third Floor - No 215 Parsian Bank Beside Opposite Avesta Park Azadi Ave -tehran -iran
Pooya Peyvand Armani Industrial Co.
Epoxy Resins,Kinds of Epoxy Hardeners,PolySter Resins,Kinds of polyster hardeners,PVA,polyurethane,Kinds of Epoxy adhesives,Kinds of polyster adhesives,Traffic paint,marine and port Paint,aerospace and military Composite,polymer tar,Military Paint.
Address:unit1-NO 24-19 st-Kolahdooz blvd
Roy Gostar Jam Manufacturing Company
Roy Gostar Jam has been serving domestic and foreign manufacturers as well as the other industries by producing the three different kinds of Zinc Oxide Ingot (General , Rubber and Feed Grade).,Fodder, Feed Additives,Rubber & Products,Oxide.
Address:No.5, 7th Alley, Nowbakht St., Apadana Ave
Alidaee Trade Co., Ltd
we are export all kinds of diamond tools and accessory, such as abrasive brushes, diamond blades, polishing pads, diamond grinding wheels, diamond wire saw, etc..
Address:Africa Ave, Capitalize, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iran
Sabzpooyan Sirgan
different kinds of pistachio, jumbo, round closed, natural open, kernel, Long pistachio.
Address:Emamreza bolivar Sirjan Kerman Iran
Maadan Kavan Kerman
different kinds of iron ore.
Address:Alley# 7, Esteghlal street
Sanaye Derakhshan Rayan Co.
mine products and mineral materials,including salt,different kinds of refractories products,including refractory Bricks and so forth,Minerals and Refractories.
Address:Iran, Esfahan, Bozorgmehr St. , Farhangian St. , Anoosha Lane, Sheikh Hosseini Lane, # 36
seeds, diffrent kinds of flowers such az miniyatori roses, *****.
Address:charbaghebala, esfahan, esfahan, Iran
Tejarat Alvand International Co.
We import & export all kinds of material specially agricultural products and metals..
Address:34 - No.25 - Zagros St - Argentina Sq.
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