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Alalama Oil sevice
oil and gas service.
Address:Ahmed Ben Abdulmalek, Tripoli, Other, Libya
BenHalim Bro
ghee, milks, powder milk, juice, oils, cleaning products, sweets, biscuits, flour, canned veg, canned fruits, j.
Address:Hay Al Andulse Tripoli,
Al jabal pharmaceutical
harmaceuticals, drugs, disposable, medical , instrument.
Address:Jamal Abdu alnasser, Benghazi, Libya,3433
Hodhod Libya for Soap Detergent
oda ashcaustic soda.
Address:Other, Libya
orth sea trading
used machines,business cards,body massages oil.
Address:down tow
Albait Alassri
HBI, HBI Fines, Scale Mill, Iron Residue.
Address:Tripoli Misurata, Misurata
Al-Raghad for Management Consultations and Investor Services LLC
ervices, businessmen and investor services, administration and legal, financial consultations..
Address:Suk Joma, Tripoli, Libya
Yal Trading Company
Steel, Urea, Sulfur.
Address:288 Fleur-de-lys Road B Bkr 09-Valetta Valetta,
Almadina Misurata Holding Co
ew generation paints, water paints, alkyd paints, primer & putty, insulators paints, exterior texture paints, wood paints, iron paints, epoxy paints, roads paints and decorative paints..
Address:Industrial Zone - Alaswak, misurata, libya, Libya,A3
MENA OIl Service
oil drilling chemicals, oilfield production chemicals, refinery chemical.
ain al romiea
Maral Mah Tobacco LTD
Tobacco, Cigarettes, Cigars, Drink.
Orion Engineering Grou
Fiber Tools, Petrochemical, fiber, radio.
Address:Janzour Tripoli,
Alzhrh Impexp Co., Ll
Sugar, Rice, evaporated milke, meet, canned food, wheat, grains, beans, food ingredients. Cement-wood-steel iro.
Address:44 Nsar St
Fateel for Libyan Dates
Deglet Noor Dates,Aabel Dates.
Montain Flower Company
Foodstuff, Fruits,Fruit.
Gebril Commercial Angency & Service
commercial agency registration foreign import export.
Address:en Ashur, Tripoli, Libya, Libya
Fateel Libyan Deglet Noor Date
libyan deglet noor date.
Address:Tripoli, Tripoli, Tripoli, Libya,218
Alboustan Impor Export
olive oil, corn oil, wheat flour, tomato paste, tea , coffee , frozen chicken meat ..
Address:Other, Libya
Najmat Al-Rabie for consteruction material
construction material and accessorie.
Address:zawiat addahmani, tripoli, libya, Libya,02
Modern Grou
corn oil, tomato paste, cement, urea.
Address:82,Al fateh street Tripoli,
Alnajmaa Company for Import Cleaning Material
oap, shampoo, toothpast, gel.
Address:P.O. Box 2400 Tripoli,
National Co.
Address:tripoli-libya Tripoli, tripoli
ob cross.
oluble coffee powder.
Address:44 waset st., Benghazi, benghazi, Libya,ben61
diesel fuel.
Address:gharghur, tripoli, sig, Libya
Itri for Import Computer and Its Accessorie
computer accessorie.
Address:Ghutt Alaha'al -Gurji road Tripoli, Tripoli
Najamat Albeyet
all good.
Address:tripoli, tripoli, Libya
Modren Medic
disposable labratory equipment autoclaves, x ray system.
Address:Ben Ashor TRipoli,
Rio food import and export ltd
import of all foodstuff.
Address:Other, Libya
Altaqnia Medical Company
medical equipment.
Dar al Khyrat
import and export , construction material.
Address:Gergaresh, Tripoli, Libya
Thunder Speed
Network Communications, Radio System, Wireless Component & Assembly,Wireless Networking Equipment, Radio & TV Broadcasting, Network Communications.
Address:13 Wadi Dinar Street
Bridge Of East
cement , construction material . electric households .
Address:Sana St., Misurata, Misurata, Libya
Zawia International for Agricultural Imports & Exports Co. Ltd
Address:5 Salah-Eddin Street
DUE EMME s.r.l.
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