Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT),Other Generators, Permanent Magnet Generators, .
Xizi Forward Electrical
permanent magnet wind turbines,Permanent Magnet Generator,Permanent Magnet GeneratorS,Wind Turbines.
Address:#55 Nanhuan Rd,, Lin an, Zhejiang, China
Kisimach Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
permanent magnet generators, rare earth magnets, neodymium magnet, wind turbines, hydro turbines, permanent magnet alternator,Permanent Magnet Genreator.
Address:F-2636 Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Permanent Magnet Generators,Permanent Magnet Alternators,PMG,PMA,Alternators,Permanent Magnet Generators / Alternators.
Address:New No.63, 3rd Street, Sector 1, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Ambattur
Wuxi Naier Wind Power Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Wind Turbines,Permanent Magnet Generator,horizontal wind turbines new,10kw turbine system,5kw system,3kw system,2kw system,1kw system,600w turbine,500w turbine,400w turbine,300w turbine,200w turbine,100w turbine,horizontal turbines,S type,M type,L type,vertical turbines,permanent ….
Address:100 Jinxi Road, Binhu District
Ntechnologijos, UAB
wind generators, batteries, inverters, contollers, permanent magnet generators, pmg, solar power products.
Address:menulio 7, Vilnius, lithuania, Lithuania
Dongying Alcir Power Generator Co., Ltd
we supply permanent magnet generators, wind generators, wind turbines, permanent magnet alternators, brushless alternators, head generators, motors, st generators, belt driven generators, diesel generator sets and gasoline generators..
Address:No.431, Yunhe Road, East District, Dongying, Shandong, China
PM Generators
Permanent Magnet Generators,Permanent Magnet Alternators,Generator for Wind Turbines,40,35,25kw,20kw,15,10kw,7kw,5kw,4kw,2 kW,1 kW.
Address:121 Sector 11 A, First Floor
Baotou Tianlong Permanent Magnet Generator Manu...
rare earth permanent magnet generators, wind energy generators, solar energy generators and pv/wind hybrid generators.,Generator.
Address:No.2,Rare Earth Road, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Baotou city, Inner Mongolia,Chi, Baotou, Other, China

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