PT.Fittech Anugrah Mekarindo Perkasa

Company Description

Established in 1988, PT. Fittech Liukindo Perkasa which located at Republic of Indonesia's capital city, Jakarta. Was the first company who PT.Fittech Anugrah Mekarindo Perkasare focusing in producing high quality Furniture Hardware and Accessories in Indonesia. Our market range is domestic as well as International. In 1993, the company expands the business by starting a trading company PT. Fittech Anugrah Mekarindo Perkasa and licensing its trade name under name Fittech.
Company Vision:
Experienced in more than 20 years in producing high quality furniture hardware, we are committed to offer good products with competitive price. As well, we are open for constructing custom made products and invite every customer to consult and design the products in order to achieve efficiency and right fitting accessories to fit their products.
Company Mission:
In order to provide an excellent product and service to our customer, we guarantee to supply the high quality product on time, offering competitive price and will excel our customer service to serve all the domestic and international customers.
Generally, our goal is to enlarge Indonesian market in producing and trading furniture hardware, and to ensure PT. Fittech will be present in international trading business market.

Company Information


  • Hinge S0 - 26 -00
  • DCB Screw
  • Joint Bolt
  • Hanger Bolt - B
  • 534 Screw
  • 536 Screw
  • Screw KDS Screw
  • Minifix 12122 Casing Connecting
  • 636 Screw
  • 631 Screw
  • Dowel 11/12 Casing Connecting
  • Drawer Slide RK Drawer Slide
  • Screw KMB Casing Connecting
  • Hanger Bolt - A
  • Drawer Slide TK Drawer Slide
  • Minifix 1512 Casing Connecting
  • Drawer Lock 1001
  • 735 Screw
  • Double Extension 45 Drawer Slide
  • DS-635 Screw
  • Butterfly Nut Casing Connecting
  • MTC-515 Screw
  • Minifix 1010 Casing Connecting
  • Tank Lock 6238
  • Double Extension 35 Drawer Slide
  • Central Lock 6108
  • Minislide 17 Drawer Slide
  • Hinge S0 - 26 -08
  • Cam Lock 6103
  • Hinge S0 - 26 -17
  • Single Extension 27 Drawer Slide
  • Caster T Series
  • Drawer Lock 6236
  • Caster B Series
  • Caster U Series
  • Drawer Lock 206
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