Sunrise Communications Air conditioning division

Company Description

Sunrise Communications air conditioning division is a newly formed sub division off Sunrise Communications which deals in air conditioning and other heating and cooling related equipment. Sunrise Communications Air conditioning division product range includes air conditioner systems for home and commercial use such as through wall air conditioner, split air conditioner (single, dual split and triple split air conditioners), floor standing air conditioner, window type air conditioner, evaporative air conditioners ,Swimming pool heat pumps, dehumidifiers, water chillers and heaters, solar powered heating and cooling systems, etc. Our equipment adopt high technology using imported and branded parts from Hitachi, Toshiba, Sanyo, Samsung, LG etc .

Company Information


  • Energy Saver (90% and more)
  • Integrated System Hybrid Solar AC+ Solar Water Heater
  • 100% solar powered Air conditioner
  • 100% solar powered fan
  • 100% solar powered fan
  • Hybrid Solar Powered Air conditioner
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