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V r manufacturing herbal medicine for HIV+ Aids.Its name is PEOPLE POSITIVE+. its decription is as under:PEOPLE POSITIVE+ 300 MG.100% Ayurvedic(Immunity Rejuvenator)The People Positive+ is a fundamental innovative HERBAL composition assorted together in right proposition to give wonderful result on the patient having HIV positive infection & who have developed AIDS. Its immunogenic properties start the modulating the human immune system from the very start of the therapy leading to a totally reneteelochemd and perfect immunopotent human body needed to meet the day-to-day active life styles. Its ingredients derived from tropical Indian medicinal plants have been observed effectively modulating the infected human immune system to make it immunopotent giving the patients a healthier lifeThe People Positive+ while administered on the AIDS patient have been found effectively fighting the human immuno deficiency & normalizing the immune system making the patient highly immunopotent. The test obtained by the patients have shown considerable change in the white blood cells count & the lymphatic balance of the human blood, before & after application of this composition. Majority of the patients regained their lost count of white blood cells & lymphatic balance to normal. After completion of the required course of therapy the patient have been observed with regained appetite, energy, weight & above all a hope of longer life. While tested on other diseases like anemia, thalassemia, hemophilia many other blood related problems, leukemia & other type of cancers, common allergies & bronchitis asthma, amazingly encouraging results have been observed & quite a number of patients were found deprived of symptoms of these deceases after therapy with this medicine.ABOUT THE MEDICINEThe medicine is prepared in to a fine powder & stuffed in to gelatin capsules to make its oral application convenient & easier.DOSAGE REGIMEN2 capsules a day, every morning with water about 15-20 minutes prior to intake of anything else.DIET 1: For deriving optimum benefits from this formulation, it is suggested that a strict vegetarian diet be followed, consisting of wheat, jwar, rice, bajri, daals of all varieties, vegetables, fruits, milk products, fresh juices, ice-creams.2: It is suggested that patients refrain from consuming any fermented and sour intakes.3: Consumption of alcoholic beverages, non-vegetarian food should be totally avoided to obtain optimum level of medical efficacy.4: Pure Ghee & pure honey can be freely used in any eatables/food preparations as and when required.5: RECOMMENDED FOR ANY PATIENTS SUFFERING FROM HIV AIDS. It has been observed that some patients might have etching sensations or mild diarrhetic effect during the course treatment. In such cases, if the patients desires he/she can undergo medication as advised by physician, & also continue with this therapy simultaneously. 6: Effectiveness ideally base on the individual patients Body Constitution & System Nature.INDICATIONFrom the very start of therapy the patients start feelings energetic and happy. Lost appetite starts regaining and the patients start eating normal veg-meals. The digestion system becomes normal and other body organs start working normally. The patient start regaining the lost weight, energy and vigor and finally gets psychologically and physically fit to lead a normal, active and healthy life.

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  • Contact Person:Mr. sanjay mehta
  • Job Title:Administrative
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  • Province/State:Gujarat
  • City:Ahmbd
  • Business Type:Agent
  • Year Established:1976
  • Total Revenue:Below US$1 Millio
  • Main Products:V R Menufacturer Of Herbal Medicine & Other Herbal Products In India. At Present V R Manufacture The Herbal Medicine For HIV+ AIDs Is Mainly & It Makes From Purely Himalyan Herbal Natural Resources.,
  • Address:12, Pashvanath Chembers, Ashram Road
  • Main Markets:North America 11.11% South America 11.11% Western
  • Location:Gujarat, India


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