Ningbo A Ino Import&Export Co., Ltd.
washing machine parts,Refrigeration fittings,Blender parts,hose hoops,fan part,washing capacitor, bearing, pipe, spring, belt, rubber, pulsator, timer, motor, gearbox ....
Address:room 1103 .the north road of new town avenue
Shengzhou Renhe Electric Co., Ltd.
Motors,AC Motors,Electric Motors,washing machine motor,fan motor,air conditioner motor, washing auto spin wash air cooler one speed two 1/6hp, 1/8hp, coolant water pump, range hood fan other axial motor ....
Address:NO.1 century avenue south industrial zone,changle town,shengzhou city zhejiang china
Cixi Aoshen Electric Parts Factory
Washing machine gear box,washing speed reducer,Washing pully,Washing P-shaft,Washing leather ca,washing water pump, washing clutch, parts, Aluminum part, box, motor, timer, cup, P-shaft, maching pulsator, machin ....
Address:fuhia town,cixi city.
Shengzhou Baosen Electric Co., Ltd.
motor,fan,fan motor,exhuast fan,washing machine motor,Blender motor, water pump Ventilator Fan Motor, Flat Base Ball Bearing Washing Machine & Spin Electric Cross Flow Shake Head Shaded Pole YJ61, YJ58, Industrial Exhaust Fan, ventilator fan, Silent pressurization pipeline oblique flow ....
Address:Chengdong area industrial zone
Ningbo Zhenhai Win-Win Electronic Appliances Co.,Ltd
motor,washing machine parts,air conditioner parts,refrigeration parts,Motor, Shaded Pole Motor, Washing Machine Dishwasher Air Conditioner Fan motor, Oven Vacuum Cleaner Compressor Auto Other Parts, Drain Pump, Water solenoid valve, Level Switch, Lid Capacitor, Timer, Clutch, Gear Box, Rubber ....
Address:Banluwang Industrial Plant, Qingshuipu Village, Zhenhai District
Wujiang Fangyuan Motor Factory
motor,Washing motor,Spin motor,Ac motor,Automatic washing machine motor,SPIN MOTOR,washing motor,washing spin motor,High Quality Wash Motors,Spin Motor,Electric Spin Motors For Twin-tub Washing Machine,WASH MOTOR,Aluminium wire Motor,Copper Motor,Ac wash motor for machine, ....
Huzhou Jiali Machine And Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
Washing machine motor,Automatic washing machine motor,Washing machine washing motor,Washing machine spin motor,Air conditioner fan motor,TUBULAR MOTOR,electric bicycle motor,ELECTRIC SCOOTER,ELECTRIC BICYCLE.
Address:No.18, Fengshun Road Nanxun town
Ningbo Saeco Import And Export Co., Ltd.
Washing machine spare parts,wash motor,spin motor,gear box,ac motor,Washing Machine Motor,Wash Motor,Spin Motor,Fully Automatic Motor,Washing Parts,Other Rubber Parts,Damping Spring,Aluminium Die Casting,Filter,Switch Button,Water Pipe,Pulsator,Wash Timer,Spin Timer,Drain ....
Address:Room 609-610 Block # 1 Kerry Business Center No.328 North Xincheng Avenue, Cixi
Huzhou Nanxun Xinlong Motor Co., Ltd.
washing machine motor,spin motor,wash motor,washer motor,motor,wash motor,spin motor,electric motor parts,automatic washing machine motor,air-condition motor,aluminum casting.
Address:No.583,Bianmin East Rd.,Nanxun,
Huzhou Nanxun Xinlong Electric Motor Company
washing machine motor,wash motor,spin motor,electric motor,induction motor,dc motor,Washing Machine Motor,Washing Machine.
Address:Room 502,Minglou Mall,Zhongshan Road, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
Cixi Gexin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.
Washing Machine Motor,Electric Motor,Pump Motor,Bread Maker Motor,Motor,PUMP,Washing machine motor,washing parts,three-phase asynchronism electric motor,pump motor,bread maker motor,solar led camping lantern,Gas Accessories,Gas Regulator,Gas Lighter,Gas Lantern,Gas Cooker,,,See All ....
Address:Kuangyan Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province. China
Huzhou City Nanxun Wutong Motor Factory
Wash Motor,Spin Motor,Automatic motors Automatic motors,6P motor,Double frequency washing machine motor,Dual voltage washing machine motor,auto washing machine motor,spin motor,wash motor.
Zhejiang Lefeng Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.
Axial Fan,Washing Machine Motor,Air Conditioner Motor,Fan Motor,juicer motor,Washing machine motor,Axial Fan Motor,Fan Motors,Air conditioner/cooler motor,Juicer/blender motor,Shaded Pole Motors,Air Cooling Pumps,Motor for vegetable cutting.
Address:3 Kaiyuan Road, Changle Town, Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province. China
Suzhou Yueqiu Motor Co., Ltd.
Washing Machine Motor,Washing Motor,Spin Motor,Automatic Motor,Motor fittings,Washing Motor,wash motor,spin motor,automatic washing machine motor,Air-conditioning Fan Motor,outdoor air-conditioned motor,indoor motor,Clothes Drier Motor,Smoke Extractor Motor,Special Motor, ....
Address:Gangdong Development Zone,Qidu Town,Wujiang City,Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China
Cixi Runfa Information & Technology Co., Ltd.
Washing Machine Gear Box,Washing Timer,Washing Pulsator,Washing Motor,Washing Leather Cup,washing machine belt,washing rubber cup,washing capacitor,washing pipe,bearing,washing motor spring,washing drain valve,washing spin bellow,washing timer,washing gear box,washing part,washing ....
Wujiang Jinlong Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.
motor, electric motor, washing machine motor , washing motor, spin motor, fan motor and other motor for home appliance,Washing Machine Motor.
Address:Jiaogong road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Huzhou Yinda Motor Factory
Washing Machine Motor,Wet Grinder Motor,Washing machine mini motor,Washing automatic Motors,Washing spining washing Motors,washing spare parts,single phase wash motors,AC Motors,,,See All Categories, ....
Address:No.8 Yinda Road Hengjie Town Nanxun district Huzhou city Zhejiang PR.
Ningbo Zhenhai Win-Win Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd.
motor,timer,washing machine parts,air conditioner parts,refrigeration parts,Motor,Shaded Pole Motor,Washing Machine Motor,Air Conditioner Motor,Vacuum Cleaner Motor,Fan motor,Compressor Motor,Oven Motor,Auto Motor,Other Parts,Timer,Drain Pump,Water solenoid valve,Gear Box,Rubber ....
Address:Tongfan Building,Jiaochuan Street,Zhenhai District
Zhejiang Shidaima Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
Fan Motor,Washing Machine Motor,Cooler Fan Motor,Exhaust Fan Motor,washing machine motor,fan motor,cooler fan motor,Lawn Mower motor,food machine,motor for massage,shaded pole motor,air-condition motor,motor for rangehood,water pump.
Address:Industry Park, Changle Town, Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
Cixi Meile Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.
Twin-Tube Washing Machine,Single-Tube Washing Machine,Auto-Washing Machine,Spin Dryer,Air Cooler,portable dehumidifier,Single-Tub Washing Machine,Twin-Tub Washing Machine,Air Cooler,Rechargeable Fan,Full-auto washing machine,Spin dryer,Washing machine motor.
Address:Fuhai Industry Zone
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