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Al-Azm for medical and scientific supply & general trading
medical disposables, surgical tools, medical equipment, chemicals, scientific instrument.
Address:Al-Mina, Hodeidah, Hodeidah, Yeme
Osama Bin Yahia Corportio
omegranate, coffee, honey, zucchini, beans, potatoes, red onions, white, red and black grapes, tambak, bananas and other agricultural product.
Address:Hadda, Sanaa, Attan, Yemen,3072
United Supplier
Used Rails, HMS 1 & 2.
Address:hadda madina
Bawazir Trading & Industry Grou
Address:Mukalla Main Street Mukalla City, Hadramoot
Kanineh Oilfield Service
refab ready-made portable houses, containers, tents, sandwich panels, oilfield services and supply, inspection & ndt, pest control service.
Address:Ring Road, Sanaa, Yemen,4410
Summit Trading & Contrating Co. Ltd
electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, tool.
Address:Beirut St., Hadda Madina, Sanaa, Sanaa, Yemen,+967
cardamom,cloves ,ginger,nutmegs,turmeric,cassia,and many other spice.
Address:The old market, Hodeidah, Hodeidah, Yeme
Ate for Industrial Supplie
teel, secodary, coils, overrolled.
Address:K18, Taiz Road Hodeidah, Hodeidah
Alamged Grou
generators, medical equipment, firefighting, steel.
Address:Hadda Sana'a, Sana'a
Ruzaqi Cor
Address:taiz, algomlah market taiz, taiz
al-Nakhla for export of Yemeni product
abayas and other islamic clothing, natural cosmetics, accessories, coffee, bukhoor burners, frankincense, bukhoor, yemeni cloth, kitchen utensils, etc..
Address:Taiz St., Sanaa, Yeme
Oslash;§Ø³Ù…نت - عصائر - غذائية.
Address:AL METHAK, SANAA, Yemen,2084
Dawood Al-Meqbooly Establishment for Import & Export
et flake.
Address:Mina, Hodeidah, Hodeidah, Yemen,3141
awsani sliver
handmade silver rings from yemen silver craftsma.
Address:Haddah Street, Sanaa, Yeme
yellofin tuna.
Address:6, cairo, egypt, Yemen,002
Alreef Trading
ground rock salt, Agriculture, .
Address:Saif Bin Thee Yzan St-Sanaa-Yeme
Black Diamond Co.
CCTV,Access Control,Fire Fighting,Detector Systems,Fingerprint System.
Address:Al-hasaabah street
Al-methany for trading
medical diagnostic.
Address:Tahrir Sana'a,
ziada animal prodcuts
goat skin, caw skin, sheep skins,GOAT ,SHEEP,CAW.SKINS.
Address:al comp st
mnahshel heavy equipment spare part
caterpillar and komatsu spare part.
Address:airport, sanaa, sanaa, Yemen,2883
atural different yemani gemstone, opal, JAde, agate, diamond.
Aljanah for General Tradings and Contracting
Address:alsafiah Sana'a,
hotocopy paper, duplex paper, excursies book.
Address:taizsteer sana'a, yeme
Berlin Trading & Agencie
medical, detergents, valves, Compressors, Pumps ...Etc..
Address:Baghdad Str. 11 Sana`a,
ama ibb Company for Import & export
alt,natural gypsum,natural pozzolana,marble,Calcium carbonate,alt, .
Address:an'a Yeme
Address:Hawd Street
Alwan Tech
construction and energy supplies..
Alawadi For Trading
uilding materials, heating, supplies, tools, part.
Address:Sana,a Taiz St, after Dar Salm roundabout Sana'a, Sana'a
Speedex Courier and Cargo Service
express, courier, cargo, shipping, air freight, freight forwarding.
Address:Alquds, Sanaa, Yemen, Yemen,25341
Medical Equipments,Tiles,Furniture,motor cycle frame,quartz raw minerals pure white, .
Address:Sana'asana'amogni Street
lastic lighter,light,toothpicks,shapoo,cream,cream, .
Address:al shikh othma
Alromian Corp for the General Trading and Contract
Hydraulic breaker, total station, automatic level GPS.
Address:60th str. near mercedes agency Sana'a,
Azzan Oil
engine oil, car oil, diesel oil.
Address:Bit Boos Sana'a, Sana'a
Khuzaima Sulta
HMS 1 & 2, Cables, Used Rails, Electric Wooden Pole,HMS 1 & 2.
Address:Hadda Madina
Alnadeer Corporatio
IV Cannula with airwing, Blood Bag, Diagnostic Kits, Testing Stri.
Address:ALThrir - Zone / Sif Street  Sana,a, SH
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